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VERDE HERITAGE 1929: JEROME; One Crime Leads to Another


"Police are searching the district for Alejo Delgadillo, who fatally wounded Garcanno Gomez, in a knife scrape in the lower end of Beale town last night."

"It is the general opinion of friends of the victim that the cutting came as a climax to a quarrel over a woman."

"Officers arrived on the scene a few minutes after the battle, but Delgadillo had escaped, making his course down the canyon towards the valley and has not been seen since." An inquest will be held.

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, January 29, 1929; page 1.)


"Mortally wounded from a bullet sped by her own hand, Mrs. Sarah Cuevas was found by police here last night in the same house and virtually on the same spot where Graciano Gomez was stabbed 2 nights before by Alejo Delgadillo."

"Sarah Cuevas was said by relatives to have been the subject of a quarrel which terminated in a fatal knife duel by Gomez and Delgadillo. The first statement said to have been made by the wounded woman was that her act had followed a day of remorse and that she had shot herself through fear of consequences following the fatal knife duel. Later, while thought to be dying from her self-inflicted wound, the woman declared the shooting was accidental."

"'I was taking the gun out of a trunk,' she said, 'when it accidentally was discharged.'"

"The bullet entered the left breast just above the heart and ranged downward, probably severing an artery near the heart."

"Delgadillo, following the killing of Gomez, fled into the Mexican quarter below Jerome, where a police search proved futile."

"Jerome police last night raided the premises of Maximo Delgadillo on Clark Street, where they confiscated a complete still equipment of about 25 gallons capacity. Along with the still was found 2 gallons of corn liquor and a barrel of mash."

"In Police Court Delgadillo pleaded guilty to a possession charge and was fined $100, with the alternative of going to jail for 90 days. Declaring himself to be without funds, the prisoner was committed to prison."

(Verde Copper News; Friday, February 1, 1929; page 1.)

"Sheriff Ruffner was in the district Tuesday and Wednesday and with his deputies was in search of the man who stabbed another man to death in Jerome. They spent Tuesday night in Cottonwood, and on Wednesday, while he and deputies Edwards, Dickinson, and Munds were searching Centerville and vicinity they came upon a nice bootlegging outfit. They confiscated about 5 gallons of the finished product, several barrels of mash, and 2 stills, and took into custody Armado Gutierrez and conducted him to jail." (Verde Copper News; February 1, 1929; page 5.)

"The condition of Mrs. Sarah Cuevas in the United Verde hospital here today was described as very grave. Mrs. Cuevas was shot through the breast last week, presumably by her own hand, in an hour of remorse following the slaying of Graciano Gomez by Alejo Delgadillo. The two men are said to have quarreled over Mrs. Cuevas." (Verde Copper News; Tuesday, February 5, 1929; page 8.)

"Deputies Munds and Edwards were called to Prescott Tuesday to testify in U. S. Commissioner Moreno's court in the case of Amado Gutierrez, accused of possession of liquor and a distilling outfit found in Centerville. The case was dismissed by Moreno on the grounds that it was not proven that Gutierrez was owner of the outfit." (Verde Copper News; Friday, February 8, 1929; page 5.)

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