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VERDE HERITAGE 1901: JEROME DISASTER; Another Cave-In, February 5

"The 'Jerome News' notes important additions to the plant of the United Verde Copper Company. The new shops built since the cave-in last October 9 have been finished and are very complete. The 10 large marine boilers at the power house are now equipped with the American stoker. Two large fans driven by four 15-horse power Sturtevant engines, furnish the draught. The ore bins at the mines are now equipped with air hoists for raising and lowering the doors. They are a great convenience and save considerable time in loading the cars." (Cochise Review; Bisbee; Tuesday, January 5, 1901; page 1.)


"'Prescott Prospect.' --- Another great cave-in has occurred in the United Verde at Jerome which records the death of one man and the severe injury of two others, while, though almost a miracle, 9 others barely escaped with their lives. Several who came over from Jerome Thursday give an account of the accident which places the company in rather a bad light. Among those who came over are Joseph Lambour, Charles Johnson, and John Hardy, all three of whom say they were in the mine when the cave-in took place. It occurred on the 400-level adjacent to the spot where the great cave-in took place several months ago [October 9, 1900,] and was mainly caused, these men say, by the ground being improperly timbered and secured in a careless manner."

"Joseph Lambour says that about 8:30 Tuesday night [February 5,] he and 11 other men, Johnson and Hardy among the men, were working on a drift on the 400-foot level, when one of them had occasion to fire a shot to remove some ground. The shot broke down 2 or 3 supporting posts of the drift and started a cave-in which covered a distance of 200 feet in the drift. Fortunately it only caught 3 of the men, one losing his life and the other two being injured. The balance were ahead of the part that caved and in that way missed meeting with an untimely death."

"They were penned in, however, and only escaped by descending to the 500-foot level through an old ore chute in which ladders had been placed while an examination was being made of the former cave-in, and which still remained there. Joseph Lambour was working in the mine at the time of the first cave-in and it was through his knowledge of the ore chute that the men managed to get out, otherwise they would probably have been suffocated in the drift."

"The following day Lambour, Johnson, and Hardy asked for their time and quit, for the reason that the company refused to allow them more than a half day's work, although they had put in a full 6 hours of an 8 hour day and had been engaged most of the time in the getting out of the miner whose death they claim had been caused by the company's faulty and careless provision for safety."

"About 90 other miners followed the lead of Lambour and his partners which about cleaned out the mining force of the mine."

(Cochise Review; Bisbee; February 16, 1901; page 6.)

"The remains of Paul Fisk were interred in the Jerome Cemetery Wednesday afternoon [February 6]. Fisk was at work mining between the three and four hundred-foot levels when caught by falling rocks. Death is said to have come by suffocation, The deceased had been at work for the United Verde for 22 shifts when he was killed. --- 'Jerome Reporter.'" (Arizona Republican; Phoenix; Monday, February 11, 1901; p. 8.)

"There has been quite an influx of miners in Prescott recently from Jerome. The recent cave-in on the 400-foot level in which 1 man was killed and 2 others injured has had the effect of causing several of the underground men to quit work and seek employment elsewhere." (Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; Wednesday, February 13, 1901; page 1.)

"A number of Colorado miners arrived at Jerome a few days ago to take the places of those who were frightened into quitting work by the most recent caving of the mine." ( Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Wednesday, February 20, 1901; page 3; from Thursday's daily.)

See: The Verde Independent; "1898: JEROME; Cave-In Catastrophe, July 23;" July 23, 2014.

The Verde Independent; "1900: JEROME DISASTER; Another Cave-In, October 9;" October 7, 2014.

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