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VERDE HERITAGE 1910: JEROME; United Verde Extension


"In the light of all the official information that is coming to hand from day to day it can be said without fear of contradiction that Arizona has made a remarkable record during 1909 in connection with the development of her mineral resources, says the 'Commercial and Financial World.'"

"Many strong and well equipped organizations, with abundant experience, have recently entered the field, having identified with them representative eastern business men, who are attacking the problems involved in a thoroughly systematic, up-to-date and business like way, and who have before them prospects for the future that leave nothing to be desired."

"Among other properties in regard to which large expectations are entertained is that of the United Verde Extension Mining company of Jerome, Arizona, some interesting details in regard to which are now at hand."

"This company was organized under the laws of the state of Maine in 1902, with a capital of $3,000,000, divided into 300,000 shares of par value of $10 each. The new stock is to be placed in the treasury, and used for the purpose of raising funds to carry on the development work, etc."

"This property is located in Jerome, immediately adjoining the United Verde Copper Company mines, belonging to Senator Clark. It has an area of about 75 acres. The company owns the property in fee, and it is under United States patents."

"The development work consists of a shaft 800 feet in depth, and 2,000 feet of development work on the 800-foot level. On this level the ore channel was opened to a distance of about 350 feet, and the hanging wall was not encountered. Three ribs of ore, averaging over 4 feet in width, carrying gold, silver, and copper values (the copper averaging over 5%), were opened up on this level."

"To develop these ribs of ore, a winze was sunk from the 800-foot level to a perpendicular depth of 100 feet, and crosscutting has just been started, and Mr. Fisher's advices are very encouraging."

"Mr. J. J. Fisher, United States deputy mineral surveyor of Yavapai County, Arizona, has had charge of the work for upwards of 3 years, and is one of the company's largest stockholders. [Mr. Fisher discovered an unclaimed 0.737 acres of land which was patented in the name of his wife, Elizabeth C. Fisher, as the "Little Daisy" on July 8, 1901.]

"Mr. Fisher is assisted in the technical part of the work by Mr. A. J. Pickrell, who is one of the Phelps-Dodge & Company's mining superintendents, and who is a large stockholder in the company; and also by Mr. John Reilly, a very successful mine owner of Arizona. Mr. C. C. Burger, one of the directors, acts as consulting mine engineer for the company."

"The officers of the company are Dr. Frederick Farnsworth, New London, Conn., president; and Mr. L. E. Whicher, 111 Broadway, New York City, secretary and treasurer. These gentlemen, with Messrs. Charles E. Ball, 111 Broadway, New York City; C. C. Burger, 71 Broadway, New York City; and J. J. Fisher, Prescott, Arizona, constitute the board of directors. All of these gentlemen are very well known in financial and business circles. Mr. L. E. Whicher is a member of the well known New York Stock Exchange house of Ball & Whicher of 111 Broadway."

"Altogether, this is an undertaking which has before it the most gratifying prospects for the future."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; January 19, 1910; page 6.)

This property was formerly known as "The Little Daisy." James "Rawhide Jimmy" Douglas eventually became involved in the mine, built his adobe home on the property (Douglas Mansion) and sent the ore to the new smelter at Verde/Clemenceau beginning in July of 1918.

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