Sun, Sept. 19

Commentary: Verde Valley at its very best during life’s worst moments

As is so often the case in the Verde Valley, it is life’s worst moments that brings out the best in our community.

That was abundantly clear this past weekend with the flash-flood disappearance of a teen-age girl.

Like a well-oiled machine, the various police, fire, air, boat and search & rescue agencies in the Verde Valley quickly began search operations as a single cohesive unit. This was not an exercise in jurisdictional responsibilities, but a textbook example in how emergency services agencies should coordinate and unify efforts in the midst of tragedy.

But it wasn’t just emergency service professionals stepping up to aid in the search for 16-year-old Faith Moore this weekend.

Community members by the hundreds showed up to assist in the search efforts. There were so many volunteers, in fact, that some had to be turned away when weather conditions shifted and new flash floods were imminent.

The community support system was not limited to boots on the ground. Social media bulletin boards lit up over the weekend with coordinated efforts to provide water and nutrition to those involved in the search. They provided the most current information about where volunteer areas were being staged. Others offered prayer chains that sought the helping hand of providence for the safe return of Faith Moore as well as the safety of those searching for the girl.

As search efforts continued early this week, let’s continue those prayers. Prayer is our ultimate expression of hope. It’s the conduit to the kind of miracle we’re all hoping for this week.

We extend those prayers for comfort to the parents, grandparents and other family members of Faith Moore.

And a prayer of thanks that we live in a community whose residents will always go above and beyond to help their neighbors.

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