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OTCA presents ‘Landstracts’ art exhibit by Sharron Vincent Porter

Father Sky, by Sharron Vincent Porter

Father Sky, by Sharron Vincent Porter

Originally Published: March 2, 2021 11:38 a.m.

Old Town Center for the Arts has announced a special art exhibit featuring the beautiful landscape art of Sharron Vincent Porter.

Sharron’s art is currently installed on the theater walls at OTCA and will be open for viewing by appointment, from Thursday, March 4 through Friday, March 19, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Photographs of this special collection can be seen at oldtowncenter.org. To schedule a viewing please contact Kimberly Kelley at 615-406-3689 or email kkelleyinaz@gmail.com.

“We installed Sharron’s paintings last November in anticipation of programming movies and live concerts at OTCA in the new year,” commented co-Director William Eaton. “We were looking forward to showcasing her work to our audience. The COVID-19 numbers began spiking again and we have not yet scheduled live events. Seeing Sharron’s art is a transforming experience. The vivid colors and unique sculptural qualities of these art works are simply breath-taking. You get lost in any one painting, and seeing them as a ‘collection’ is even more stunning. The local landscape theme has a significant resonance for our community. I feel renewed each time I see Sharron’s art, and her interpretation of nature, like nature itself, has a calming and healing quality. We encourage you to view Sharron’s art showcased on the walls of Old Town Center for the Arts – by calling staff assistant Kimberly Kelley to schedule an appointment.”

About Sharron Porter

Sharron Porter’s acrylic textured landscapes, which she likes to call “LANDSTRACTS”, are inspired by her move to the Southwest. Slightly abstracted with rock-like textured surfaces, the resulting paintings appear to focus on the sheer visual and tactile qualities of experience.

Somehow, however, they also exude an undeniably anthropomorphic feeling: close-ups of rocks, trees, water, twigs, caves, interestingly arranged, in an emotive relationship with each other and the light in which they bathe. The rich textures, heightened colors and often the inclusion of rocks and branches, make the experience of viewing them visceral.

Over the years, Porter has hiked the trails around the Verde Valley and has slowly developed her research photography for paintings into a very personal statement. She found that up close, there were natural “gardens” of rocks and trees and natural debris that invited her in.

She loved the feeling of being in the presence of rocky caves and arroyos, with all the natural forms and textures surrounding her. First experimenting with taking close-up shots of the landscape, she soon began abstracting her photo compositions at home on the computer, cropping them, exaggerating the colors, textures and lighting.

Transferring these images to canvas, she knew she wanted the end product to be as physically exciting as the original experience. After experimenting on several paintings using different gel mediums for surface texture and dimension, she settled on pumice gel for the rocky textures she so loved.

Also, having been a sculptor for much of the earlier part of her career, she began to crave even more dimension and realistic texture in her compositions. She began building up the substrate of the canvases and adding rocks and twigs and branches to the surface … Thus, her very original 3-D Relief Landstracts were born.

Sharron is an award-winning signature artist and was recently included in an anthology written and edited by art critic, Louise Sheldon MacDonald, entitled Sedona’s Best Artists.

She has served on the Board of Trustees for the Fine Art Museum of Sedona (formerly the Sedona Art Museum), supporting the building and development of an art museum for the Verde Valley in Sedona; she is a member of the Sedona Arts Center and the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition; she formerly served as President of the Sedona Area Guild of Artists (SAGA), and served on the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition Board.

Porter has also donated her time being an art mentor for Sedona youths over the years, teaching in local Sedona schools, and volunteering her time to Gardens for Humanity, teaching and helping to organize several of their fundraisers.

Sharron Porter’s ‘Landstracts’ will be available for viewing, by appointment, from Thursday, March 4 through Friday, March 19, by calling staff member Kimberly Kelley at 615-406-3689 or by email: kkelleyinaz@gmail.com. Sharron’s paintings are for sale and you can inquire to Kimberly Kelley for purchase.

These times are difficult for artists and venues. OTCA has been closed since March 2020. If you are so moved, please make a donation – by sending a check to: Friends of Old Town Center for the Arts, 633 N. 5th St., Cottonwood, AZ 86326. Your donation will go directly to Sharron Porter for this special showing event, and you’ll receive an acknowledgement letter to document your tax deductible gift.

For further information visit oldtowncenter.org or contact OTCA at 928-634-0940, or Kimberly Kelley 615-406-3689.