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Jerome gallery celebrates 25-year anniversary during ‘Roam in Jerome’

Wild Assemblage by Jordan Ross. (Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery/Courtesy)

Wild Assemblage by Jordan Ross. (Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery/Courtesy)

Originally Published: November 2, 2021 4:01 p.m.

The Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery celebrates the holiday season and its 25th anniversary Saturday, Nov. 6, during Jerome’s First Saturday art walk, now referred to as “Roam in Jerome.”

Many shops, businesses, and of course restaurants will be open until 8 p.m. or later as patrons Roam in Jerome, according to a news release.

The Jerome Co-op presents a holiday show and interesting paraphernalia that scrapbooks earlier days at the Co-op. Members, past members and guests will explore photos and share stories of days gone by as a tribute to the dedication it took to establish and nurture the Co-op into the stable community of artists that it is today.

From humble beginnings, the Co-op has developed into a contemporary fine art and craft gallery that is owned and operated by its members.

“I became a member of the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery about 20 years ago. My niece, Lisa Whitacre, was a member along with David Soule, who created large, wonderful leaded-glass prisms that were filled with water and hung in the windows to caste rainbows everywhere,” Judy Jaaskelainen recalls. “I was accepted as a member for my watercolor paintings. At that time, we had about 25-30 members.”

Each year, the Holiday show features all members’ work including artists who have been members for some 20 odd years to others who have just recently joined the Co-op.

One unique feature about an All-Member Show is that, as a co-op, artists are accepted to be members for a particular type or style of work they were juried in for by a jury committee. This ensures diversity for the gallery and variety for its patrons.

However, in an All-Member Show, members can display any type of work they might be skilled in even if they have not been “juried in” for it. This creates an interesting mix of works that may not be immediately associated with a particular member as they may never have been shown before!

Jordan Ross, a newer member says, “My works in mixed media, acrylics and assemblage arise as my need for exploration of new ideas and techniques motivates me. Often when I use alternative art materials, unusual tools, and an adventurous attitude, each piece has a life of its own, and emerges intuitively in its own way and time. I refer to my process of art making as ‘spontaneous creative combustion.’”

Nora Graf, also a relatively new member, creates beautiful, colorful designs, patterns, and images on gourds.

Featured in this show is her “Butterfly Gourd,” where she says, “All the butterflies on the gourd can be found in Arizona. They include the Queen butterfly, the Two-Tailed Swallowtail, Elf butterfly, Painted Ladies and Acmons Blue. The designs are wood burned onto the gourd. The cutouts are then made with a mini jigsaw. The gourd is painted, and wire antenna are attached. It is finished with a wood lacquer spray coat.”

Marjorie Claus’ love of horses and art are two interests she’s had since childhood.

“’Timelines,’” she said, “is a series of acrylic paintings (not just layers!) on top of each other. Each underlying painting existed for a short time before it became a support for more layers. All of these layers and underpaintings combined have contributed to the final state of ‘Timelines,’ as it evolved over time.”

Sid Freeman, a long-time member of the Co-op and best known for her calligraphic paintings, presents her piece called, “Moments of Coincidence.” Sid says, “This piece is 22” x 38” on stretcher bars. I used graphite and watercolor.”

She continues, “‘Moments of Coincidence’ is a combination of pencil drawings, geometric shapes, and triangles that are edged with ‘chance’ hand-written words.”

Sid is inspired by works of the masters from the past.

Jaaskelainen’s watercolor painting, “Dressed for the Holidays,” reminds us of how the Co-op looked in its younger days.

Please join the Jerome Artists’ Cooperative Gallery as it celebrates its 25th Anniversary/Holiday Show during “Roam in Jerome,” Jerome’s First Saturday Art Walk on Saturday, Nov. 6, from 5 to 8 p.m. with light snacks and drinks provided.

The gallery is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. except Tuesdays. Masks may be required. It is located at 502 Main St., Jerome. For more information, call 928-639-4276, or visit jeromecoop.com.

Information provided by the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery.