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Eric Nelson to play Tommy Rocks in Jerome Oct. 10

Eric Nelson. (Tommy Rocks/Courtesy)

Eric Nelson. (Tommy Rocks/Courtesy)

Originally Published: October 5, 2021 4 p.m.

Singer and songwriter Eric Nelson is scheduled to perform in Jerome this month, according to a news release.

Nelson will appear at 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 10, at Tommy Rocks music store, 110 Main St., Jerome.

“I am looking forward to performing in the beautiful town of Jerome and would like to thank Tommy for supporting local area songwriters,” Nelson said.

Nelson grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and followed a traditional career path in corporate America after graduating from college. He married, relocated to Portland, Oregon, and earned his C.P.A. certificate while working in the financial world.

But then Nelson began to search for something more meaningful in his life - something that would better represent who he was inside.

He began to write songs.

But these weren’t just ordinary songs about cars, bars and girls. These were songs about dreams, relationships and trying to find your place in the world today.

“Light Years,” Nelson’s debut CD, will immediately strike a chord within anyone who has ever battled themselves while trying to find true happiness.

In his words, “That’s what the CD title means to me … that when you struggle through the dark days, you can ultimately find a happier way of life, or light years.”

Nelson and Light Years were featured on Portland’s KINK radio “local artist spotlight” program and on television on the music channel VH1’s “A Night With…”

Nelson’s second CD, “Your Watercolor Heart,” showcased his love of acoustic guitar driven power pop songs. Nelson blends rhythmic acoustic guitar, pop melodies and introspective lyrics to create a sound that evokes such great American singer/songwriters as John Mellencamp, Tom Petty and even Neil Diamond.

He usually performs solo with his acoustic guitar or in a duo, and has played professionally in theatres, clubs, coffee houses, house parties and open air markets and songwriter showcases. 

Nelson has lived among the red rocks of Sedona since 2016. For concert information, contact Tommy Anderson at 928-963-0409.

Information provided by Tommy Rocks in Jerome.