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Feathered & Furry Friends exhibit opens with a reception at Mountain Trails Gallery

Just a Pup by Shawn Cameron, 12x16, oil. (Courtesy of Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona)

Just a Pup by Shawn Cameron, 12x16, oil. (Courtesy of Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona)

Originally Published: August 3, 2022 2:15 a.m.

Mountain Trails Gallery presents “Feathered & Furry Friends” featuring a group of wildlife artists who capture the beauty and curious nature of birds in their paintings, sculpture, drawings, and mixed media fine art.

A First Friday opening reception for the new exhibition takes place Aug. 5, 4-7 p.m. at the gallery’s upstairs location in the festive Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village in Sedona.


Bunny Patch by Sandra Byland, mixed media. (Courtesy of Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona)

Whether highlighting their delightful nature in action or displaying their colorful beauty with a pose, these “birds of a feather” artists express fascination with their avian friends in their own unique ways. Also featured in the exhibition are remarkable mammals, both wild and domestic, that bring the wonders of nature to our attention by a group of award-winning artists

The gallery exhibits sculpture from a group of distinguished artists including western wildlife artist Jeremy Bradshaw, who draws upon his many years of observation, exploration, and education with falconry to create his unique subjects. Bradshaw is widely acclaimed for his specialized expertise as a falconer, and always brings an uncommon twist to his contemporary style and complex patinated bronze creations.

Cutting a wide swath of western wildlife with a passion and an intensity, esteemed sculptor Raymond Gibby brings drama and symbolism to his feathered and furry friends. His most recent “Soaking in the Sun” featuring a hummingbird and a sunflower uses patina color as well as action to bring one of his favorite summertime sights to our attention. The bronze wildlife of accomplished Colorado sculptor Bryce Pettit is also featured, including his installation of a flock of Kinglets, each one unique and a part of the flight group.

All these sculptors are inspired by characteristics often specific to the species, and they also bring to awareness the more common behaviors that hearken back to human nature which is often on full display in their wildlife works of fine art.

Colorful avian and animal paintings by a group of award-winning artists are also front and center for this annual “Feathered & Furry Friends” exhibition. The gallery is proud to present a group of captivating wildlife paintings by Arizona artist Jennifer O’Cualain, including her portrait of a raven. Being at the right place at the most opportune time has been a gift to this artist who experiences a kind of sentient recognition when she looks into the eyes of her subjects, and they look back. 

Wildlife and landscape artist Joe Garcia presents several remarkable watercolors as well as oil paintings, including his delicate and detailed capture of the Anna’s Hummingbird hovering on tubular foxgloves. Garcia’s work reflects his love of nature as he paints from his west coast mountain home as well as from his travels across the U.S. and New Zealand.

Also, Arizona artist Barbara Rudolph brings fascinating poses of colorful birds to the forefront of her layered oils. Attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of this artist’s work as well as her passion for serendipitous pairings with nostalgic objects.  The colored pencil and watercolor paintings by Sedona artist Sandra Byland are part of the variety of wildlife offerings. Her compelling “Bunny Patch” gives the viewer a close-up look at a Dutch variety of rabbit which, some say, is gentle and full of fun. Byland is honored to have been accepted into the prestigious Artists for Conservation, the world’s leading artist group supporting the environment.

The multitalented artist and rancher Sarah Phippen includes her favorite horse looking for his apple as well as a variety of avian paintings including white-winged doves on a saguaro and her goldfinch on a sunflower. Mountain Trails Gallery is also delighted to exhibit the furry friend of Arizona rancher Shawn Cameron as a part of the exhibition. Her “Just a Pup” painting is a reminder to make time for nature and animals, whether domestic or wild, in their natural habitats or in our own back yards.

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona, located at 336 SR 179, upstairs Suite A201 in Tlaquepaque, is proud to exhibit work by their more than 50 extraordinary artists working in painting, sculpture and mixed media fine art, as they all contribute to making this gallery a destination for collectors, enthusiasts, and visitors from all over the world.