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Be Fit Fit: Havin’ A Good Time!

Magdalena Romanska, Ph.D.

Magdalena Romanska, Ph.D.

Essentially, there is nothing wrong with the goal of having a good time!

It sounds a notch selfish and “carpe diem”. But… why not? With only two concepts being certain (death and taxes), we might, as well, enjoy the process!

It is way easier to have a good (AND not good) time while being fit. I remember from my un-fit teen years how hard it was for me to be physical. I excelled at school and acted as I was told to act. (And I was told to avoid any physical efforts and to sit and study and inhale second-hand cigarette smoke for the first 18 years of my existence). As a result, I didn’t enjoy exercising, and I felt like a big loser always ending up out of breath. I couldn’t understand how anyone could have been enjoying hiking. Especially up.

A perfect catch-22.

Being not fit caused me at to experience any heartbeat-raising activity as tiring and borderline dangerous. I didn’t even “belong there”. I was not a hiker or a biker. At first, I hadn’t been active because my family did not want me to exercise. Subsequently, that translated into me believing that I wasn’t good at it. That mind set made me dread the first hikes with my future husband. I also felt conscious of my non-fit appearance, of being out of breath, and dragging behind. (I am still surprised why he did not drop me back then and there, but, well, I guess the above characteristics matched those of a potentially good future wife – but I digress).

It took me an effort and time to get myself out of that prolonged situation and becoming fit.

Now, when I look at the pictures of me back from those times, I feel so happy that I did it! I wasn’t aware back then, but I did it for myself… As a result, my life changed. I started enjoying its healthy moments, living healthy and prioritizing my fitness and wellbeing … enjoying the process of being and staying fit for a lifetime!

My “normal” expanded. Daily physical tasks are a breeze and very doable. Exercising is fun. It is easy to climb the steps. It is easier to function in heat or at altitude. In my childhood, I was the sickish one, staying in bed with pneumonias and suffering from asthma (my mother’s indoors smoking was not helpful). Now, even if I happen to be exposed to someone sick, I just shake it off and do not “catch” the bug…

So worth it! Make that decision not to try, but to do it. It is not for sissies, and it will feel uncomfortable at first. Commit to be the person who gets exactly what she wants – to be fit and happy! And enjoy it.

Magdalena is the owner of the Be Fit Fit Personal Training Studio ( and the Top 3% Chairman’s Board Realtor® at the Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International in Sedona. Visit her “Be Fit Fit” blog at

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