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BPC HIGHLIGHTS: Big Park Council Meeting Nov. 10

Unfinished Business: Carolyn Fisher, on behalf of the Nominating Committee, introduced the 2023 nominees for president and vice president, Renald Stettler and Colleen Hinds, requesting each to say a few words about themselves. She then thanked Patty Reski and Mary Pope for agreeing to serve another term as treasurer and secretary respectively.

Many members of the Council and community expressed their appreciation to Renald and Colleen for volunteering, emphasizing the importance of the Council’s mission and activities. The candidates then answered questions from Council members.

New Business:

Yavapai County 2023 Comprehensive Plan: President Camille Cox reviewed the process by which it prepares its Comprehensive Plan in accordance with Arizona law. The Draft Plan proposes including individual community plans from unincorporated communities, which has not been the case for decades. The BPC Community Plan Committee presented a draft comment letter to be sent to the County, which was unanimously approved.

Election of Officers: The following candidates were unanimously elected for a one-year term beginning Jan. 1: Colleen Hinds, vice-president; Patty Reski, treasurer; Mary Pope, secretary. Because of a bylaw technicality, the presidential election will be held electronically.

Committee Reports:

Planning & Zoning: David Gill reported that a response was received from ADOT to a letter sent by the Council expressing concerns over the dangerous I-17/SR179 interchange. He felt that their response was cooperative and attentive and, although they could not commit to corrective construction, ADOT agreed to a Road Safety Assessment in 2023.

David announced a public meeting at the Verde Valley School this evening in connection with the school’s request for a Conditional Use Permit for the property, as a part of the required citizen participation process.

APS Subcommittee: Duane Thompson, summarized the history of this project, and announced that the final Environmental Assessment (EA) is currently planned for release in Feb/Mar 2023. Interested parties like BPC would have 45 days to appeal to the Regional Forester if there were objections to the final EA.

Dark-Sky: Dave Norton noted that the committee has been busy with star parties and programs in conjunction with school and community groups. A donation has been received to enable the committee to purchase a sandwich-board sign to help folks find the Dark-Sky events. In answer to a question on light pollution readings in the Village, Dave explained that the meter is expected to be received this week and that readings will begin shortly.

Strategic Planning and Leadership Development: Camille read a letter from Committee Chair Lenore Hemingway. The committee’s final report was included in meeting materials for representatives.

Emergency Preparedness & Planning (EPPiC): Gwen Hanna noted that the committee has met with all first responders. In reviewing its purpose and scope, the committee concluded that the best way to provide the community with information is to create a simple website with links to credible resources. Printed materials and public forums/fairs are also being considered. Gwen also noted that the BPC member organizations will be asked to help get information to their residents.

Gwen reported that the only sirens in the Village are at the VOCA golf course and are used to warn golfers of potential lightning danger. Sedona Fire District (SFD) sirens have been installed in Pine Valley and up 89A (Oak Creek Canyon). The SFD sirens’ only purpose is to signal an evacuation.

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office has launched a new Mass Notification Emergency Service that allows them to alert you directly. You opt-in to enter your contact information and subscribe to notification you care about based on your location. Go to to sign up.

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