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Painter Jodie Ball featured Dec. 2 at Village Gallery of Local Artists

Jodie Ball

Jodie Ball

Dipping the paintbrush into the oil paint, it might only be a foot to the canvas, but in the artist’s mind, it can be a thousand miles.

Many artists can be in “another world” when they create. They can place themselves in the painting emotionally to connect with their subject. Jodie Ball gives you this feeling as she paints a vivid scene. Her brush strokes are blended to bring out the beauty of each subject in the painting.

Ball will be the featured artist at the Village Gallery of Local Artists on Dec. 2, 5-8 p.m. She moved to Sedona like many other artists after visiting and being drawn back with the beauty of the landscape here. A native Texan, Jodie was first introduced to art during a summer spent painting outside with her artist grandmother. Later, she took art classes in high school and wanted to double major in art and science in college. Because that option wasn’t available, she made the choice to follow her first passion which was science and vowed to return to art once she retired.

Ball retired from a Biochemistry career, in which she complete a M.S. and a Ph.D, and spent 27 years as a Research and Development scientist. It wasn’t until she retired that she purposefully pursued her second love of art and painting. Ball enjoys many different styles. She will paint both en plein air and in her studio. She also enjoys a mix of landscapes, portraits and still life. All of these can be seen in her display at the Village Gallery, equally captivating.

Ball states that she spent many vacations in Europe and enjoyed different styles and genres unique to other countries.

Ball has set up her studio in her own home and typically paints anywhere from 5-7 paintings a year. She states, “I always like to have a painting in progress, so I always have something to work on.”

Ball has been painting about 10 years now. “Most of my work is inspired by my travel or the work of another artist and I have many favorites. A painting of 2 gondolas in a Venice scene sits in my studio as a daily reminder of my love for Venice and European travel,” Ball says. “When I first started I did a full size sketch and transferred it to canvas if the subject required a lot of complex and accurate drawing (for example multiple figures in different poses and costumes). These days I underpaint the canvas with a solid color and sketch a layout with a brush dipped in turpentine.” The things we own—the clothes we wear, the objects on our tables, the furniture in our homes—tell stories about who we are, what we value, and where we come from. Ball continues to develop her artistic talents by taking local workshops and classes throughout the year.

Ball and her husband, John reside in the Sedona area and she has been a member of the Village Gallery of Local Artists for four years. Refreshments will be served during the featured artist event on Dec. 2. The gallery is located at 6512 State Route 179, at the Cortez roundabout.

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