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What an Old Railroad Model Display Brought Out in My Imagination

Visiting a lovingly old time train display that was assembled

With beautifully set up multiple tabled displays

Trees of all sizes, colors and shapes

Victorian miniature buildings depicting days of old towns relying on Railroads

Blinking varied multiple colored lights on cross warnings

Blaring, “Bing, bing, bing!”

Saying, “I’m coming into town!”

“Stop! Please look at me!”

“Aren’t I grand to observe the wonderment of childhood?”

All of the moving pieces, sounds, views, of the imaginary train passengers

Wonderment of the industrial age coming to life

Bringing people where they would never to get to go in such a short time

Dressed in old time style Victorian and conservative clothing fashions

Dressings their very best t travel demonstrating they have means

Streetlight colors reflecting with the engine lights coming through the town

Red and yellow lantern lights hung on the outside of passenger cars

Illuminating the mighty steel tracks

Chug, chug, chug are the wheels that are effortlessly moving

parallel with each other

Over and over again, as if a well oiled machine, this it is

Little people standing outside the guard gates in awe

Waving to the oncoming train knowing family and friends

would soon be coming

Supplies for the stores, precious ordered items from catalogs

would be dropped off at the stations

Animals coming of the back of the stock cars being led by

multiple people into temporary barns for safekeeping.

Barrels of all sorts rolled off the ramps contain necessary

Items for a civilized life

Excitement of disembarkment from the train, as well as seeing

family, for the first time in many months or years

Sadness and uncertainty, of knowing others will leave for a long time

Heavy and hot black smoke furling out in the sky from burning coal

Steam whistles blown by the engineer, “All Aboard!” echoed throughout

Two more waring whistles blown and they’re on their way

Imagine being a child, envisioning the life depicted on the model displays

Putting themselves right in the realistic, miniature displays

They’re the train engineers, passengers and people waiting for supplies

People waiting for their prized products removed from the stock cars

Smelling the burning, smoky sooty coal ash

Seeing the hot, white steam rise above the train

Hearing the echoing train sounds coming into town

Feeling the vibrating train tracks letting people know they’re on their way

Letting one’s imagination go anywhere the train track will lead

For a new adventure.

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