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Renegades: New Sedona art alliance features John Oakes

Model A Truck, by Rick Gandolfo

Model A Truck, by Rick Gandolfo

Originally Published: December 7, 2022 12:30 a.m.

Just in time for the holidays, the Sedona Renegades Artist Group and the Sedona Center for Harmony and Enrichment are pleased to announce a new alliance to bring fine art exhibits to the community.

Beginning in December 2022 at the Hozho Shopping Center, the partnership will feature ongoing exhibits by the talented artists of the Sedona Renegades plus an esteemed guest artist each month. And to inaugurate things most exceptionally, the featured guest artist for December is John Oakes, whose works and career will be celebrated throughout the month. All art lovers are cordially invited to enjoy his exhibit plus the future exhibits and featured artists, which will change each month.


ancient galaxies, by janice_davis

Originally from Kentucky, featured artist John Warren Oakes received an MFA from the University of Iowa and a CAA from Harvard University, and then completed a long and distinguished career as an art professor at Western Kentucky University. He has shown his works in countless exhibitions internationally, including 51 solo exhibitions, and after retirement has held many leadership posts in the Sedona art community. He has authored books on painting, photography, computer graphics, and religion, and for many years directed the performing arts program at WKU.

Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment is a welcoming rental space that is a home for practitioners, artists, and event creators. In addition to the Renegades art exhibits, it hosts private healing sessions, yoga classes, movement classes, workshops, intimate retreats, meditative art classes, meditation groups, women’s circles, men’s circles and more. For information on renting this space, contact Tatia Fick at 928-554-1951 or visit SedonaCHE.com.


West Fork Monolith, by Jim Peterson

The Sedona Renegades Artist Group brings a remarkable diversity of life experiences and backgrounds to their artistic endeavors, and this is revealed in the richness of expression in their works. Led by Jim Peterson, Carol Gandolfo, and Karen O’Donnell, the group has conducted art exhibits in various local venues for over a decade and is now delighted to be in residence at SCHE.

Members of the Renegades include:

Jodi Ball, painter

Janice Davis, painter

Carol Gandolfo, painter, photographer, and author

Rick Gandolfo, painter

Cathy Knisley, acrylics and other fluid arts

Keith Knisley, woodturner

David Marsh, painter

Karen O’Donnell, oil and watercolor painter

Jim Peterson, photographer

The exhibits can be viewed by the public at Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment, 431 State Route 179, Suite A6, Sedona. For more information, contact Jim Peterson at 602-828-7407 or Tatia Fick at 928-554-1951.