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Sedona Arts Center Featured Artists and Holiday Sale in Uptown Art Gallery

(By Kelli Klymenko)

(By Kelli Klymenko)

Originally Published: December 21, 2022 11:08 a.m.

Sedona Arts Center represents over 100 professional local and regional artists. The Art Gallery in Uptown Sedona is a dynamic, ever-changing display of exceptional talent in all dimensions and forms. This month, the gallery is featuring photography by Kelli Klymenko, ceramics by Ken & Lyn Mikel, jewelry by Joan Roberts, and paintings by Gerald Schwartz. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, now’s your chance with a holiday discount of 10% on any purchase of $100 or more, excluding bronze sculptures and Special Exhibitions. Sedona Arts Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so there's no sales tax on any gallery purchase.

The Gallery is open 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Saturday and noon–5 p.m. on Sundays. Sedona Arts Center is located at 15 Art Barn Road in Uptown Sedona.

Featured this month:

Kelli Klymenko

Kelli Klymenko is an artist photographer and the Marketing Director for Sedona Arts Center.


(By Kelli Klymenko)

Kelli filmed and photographed the 2014–2015 Sedona Chamber of Commerce television commercials and marketing campaign (billboards, print, web) seen on VisitSedona.com.

His images, including iPhone photos can be found on Getty Images, in the 2014–2022 Experience Sedona Guides, in multiple national ads, and in creative projects around the world. Kelli lives in Sedona with his wife and children and embraces all aspects of art. He studied at Parsons School of Design in NYC and proudly boasts being an artist, storyteller, photographer, yogi, husband, father, and science aficionado.

Ken and Lyn Mikel

In simple terms, Ken does the throwing and Lyn does the painting. Together they collaborate on their amazing and colorful raku designs. Ken does most of the wheel throwing, while Lyn creates the surface designs, inspired by the Arizona landscape they both love.


(By Ken and Lyn Mikel)

After the firing process is finished, Lyn paints each unique vessel, hence the name, “painted raku.” Her “canvas” is the ceramic surface. Talented in many ways, Lyn and Ken balance their ceramic art with their music; Ken plays string instruments with Lyn accompanying him on the harp.

Joan Roberts

Joan Roberts’ work in jewelry design has become a passion as she continually seeks new ways to create distinctive art pieces. Joan enjoys the active and ongoing search for interesting materials and techniques that will keep each of her designs unique and one of a kind. Joan’s work in metal clay of silver, gold and bronze reflect her organic design style reflecting the natural beauty surrounding us. A graduate of San Jose State University with a major in art, Joan taught art to middle school students and in adult education programs for eighteen years before becoming a school administrator. Her career allowed her to promote arts education for students within her care through teacher training and support. Joan came to Sedona from the Monterey Bay area of California’s central coast as a new retiree and has been a part of the Sedona Arts Center as a volunteer since 2003. She provides individualized instruction in her studio throughout the year. Simply contact her to schedule your own private class.

Gerald Schwartz

“Creativity was something that started early with me,” says Gerald Schwartz, “Sure, I played with clay, scissors & paper, etc., like most children do, but it was when I explored drawing, drawing just about everything I saw, it was irresistible! At age 16, I decided to investigate what I could do with painting. Being able to put color to my drawings was an exciting addition to my vision of the world around me. The application allowed me to see the magical possibilities in my painting. There are times when I just love to lay back on the grass and stare at the atmosphere above, imagining the gradations of colors in the clouds and sky. The atmosphere, the light, the shadows, all are elements for compositions I feel inside of me. This is what I want to explore, this is what I want to express. Painting is my passion!”

Sedona Arts Center is one of Northern Arizona’s most well-established cultural organizations and serves as the creative heart of Sedona—connecting, enriching, educating, and leading through the inspiring power of the arts and creative discovery. Founded in 1958, the nonprofit 501(c)3 organization is based in Uptown and offers year-round classes, exhibitions, festivals, and cultural events that enhance the creative life of the Verde Valley. The Center’s Fine Art Gallery promotes the original works of over 100 local artists and regularly offers special assistance for collectors and art buyers, offers private studio visits, and fosters hundreds of arts education opportunities each year.

Visit SedonaArtsCenter.org or call the gallery at 928-282-3865 to learn more.