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Tantrum Wine’s new sparkling wine comes to Arizona New Year’s Eve at midnight

Brighid McLoughlin, owner of Tantrum Wines (Photo courtesy of Jess Smith)

Brighid McLoughlin, owner of Tantrum Wines (Photo courtesy of Jess Smith)

Originally Published: December 21, 2022 10:45 a.m.

Another Méthode Champenoise is coming to Arizona and is almost here, as the owner of Tantrum Wines, Brighid McLoughlin, will be introducing the new wine at midnight heading into the New Year.

Tantrum Wines is located in Old Town Cottonwood with a beautiful dining and patio area. They offer tasting suites for rental and a wine club that ships to your front door three times a year.

“I was an assistant under my husband, John, for a lot of years and he really encouraged me to step forward and do my own collection,” McLoughlin said.

She has been running Tantrum Wines since October 2019, with the wine coming from her family winery in Willcox.

“I offer not just the Arizona wines, but I offer experiences,” Brighid McLoughlin said. “This is for people who want to feel free and relaxed and just enjoy. My approach is that wine is just the background music of your life, and we provide that.”

Arizona wines marketed as “sparkling” are often carbonated with carbon dioxide. Dolce, the new sparkling wine, will be shipped to Lodi, California, to a small sparkling house for the rack and riddle process, before being shipped back to Tantrum Wines and ready for sale.

The process is expensive and extensive, taking about a month to mimic the champagne-making process in France.


(Courtesy of Brighid McLoughlin)

“I love to work hard and I love to see the progress,” she said. “When I visit the tasting room or my wine club members, I see how happy people are and how I can take them to the next level of wine-making. I love sharing experiences with my guests.”

On New Year’s Eve, Brighid McLoughlin is inviting the public out to Tantrum Wines to bring in the New Year and taste the new sparkling Moscato for the cost of just one penny.

“I’m waiting to release Dolce until midnight,” she said. “We’re going to pop the bottle, and everybody will get their glass of Dolce Sparkling for a penny.”

Tantrum Wines is located at 918 N. Main St., Suite 3, and will be open for business on New Year’s Eve, with live music and festivities beginning around 8 p.m. For more information or to join the Wine Club, visit TantrumWines.com.