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Thu, Jan. 27

Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund kicks off 2021 Year-End Fund Drive

Trail maintenance is hard work and very costly. (Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund courtesy)

Trail maintenance is hard work and very costly. (Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund courtesy)

Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund is kicking off the 2021 Year-End Fund Drive with various appeals to the community. It is important that anyone who loves the Red Rock Trails and wants to donate is made aware of our efforts.

Our community thrives in many ways because of our trails that drive our economy and enhance our lives. However, our trails are fragile, requiring frequent and ongoing maintenance. The Forest Service cannot do it alone, so SRRTF, seeks contributions through grants and private donors to provide 65-70% of annual trail maintenance funding needs.

This year, the first $20,000 donated October through December is boosted by a 1:1 match being pledged by six individuals in our community who love the Red Rock Trails and who have combined their resources to provide this generous incentive to all.

Trail maintenance is hard work and very costly, so every dollar counts. And everyone’s donation is important. We have seen in so many ways our community and personal health depend on the health of our trail system. Donations go directly to hire crews and to support volunteers who maintain the trails for our future use.


Cathedral Rock Trail. (Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund courtesy)

Current Projects for Trail Field Season 2021-2022

Upper Cathedral Rock Trail. The Cathedral Rock Trail has always presented a challenge to Forest Service trail managers due to its steep terrain, frequent “washouts”, and rock construction requirements. So, Forest Service plans a major reconstruction project on the upper portion of the trail to address damage from storms and multiple “social routes.” Forest Service has asked the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund to partner on the project to complete the technically challenging rock armoring and masonry sections of the work.

New Trail Signage. Signage is a critical component of the Red Rock Ranger District’s non-motorized trail system. With the over 30 new/rerouted trails constructed, updated or enhanced during the last decade, our trail signage in the 550,000 acres of Red Rock Country in and around the Sedona/Village of Oak Creek communities needs updating.

Map updates include Trailhead Kiosk Maps, located at each trailhead to show visitors the entire trail system and “You Are Here” Maps,” the smaller signs placed at some trail junctions to help trail users find their exact location.


Signage is critical for safe access into Red Rock Country. (Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund courtesy)

Trail Restoration Comprehensive Plan. In recent years, Red Rock Country has seen more dramatic weather conditions. Drought has created extreme dry conditions making soils more vulnerable to substantial damage caused by heavy monsoon rains and devastating flash floods.

To address the damage and create a sustainable program of trail maintenance, the Forest Service and the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund plan to conduct a comprehensive field assessment and recommendations for future maintenance for the approximately 200 miles of high impact trails in Red Rock Trail System over the next several months.

The great majority of donations keeping trails local healthy are from individuals who care about the trails they use. To learn more, visit the website at

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