Be Fit Fit: Perfection?

A week ago, I was reviewing my annual blood test results with my doctor. Yet another year, I managed to keep all of them within the desired numeric range.

If you stay within those numbers, that makes your doc super happy, you feel like a first-grade student who just scored an A+, and you are pronounced good to go for the whole year! So, at the end, the doctor leaned towards me, smiled big and commented: “You are perfect!”… Which gave me such a kick, because with my annoying and controlling type A personality, anything less than “perfect” is simply, well, “not perfect” and absolutely unacceptable.

Even though she truly made my day, if not the week or the whole year ahead, I started thinking about how we get there, to that “perfect” spot.

And, what does it mean to be “perfect” (apart from staying within the acceptable numeric ranges on your blood test).

As to getting there, I realized that, despite the circumstances of what we call the “daily life,” we simply must prioritize ourselves to an extent. Like putting that oxygen mask on the plane first on yourself, then on your kid. (Please do not show this article to my daughter!).

Even if extremely busy or stressed, our body and soul benefit from tidbits of happiness, self-care, reflection, gardening, biking, napping, or chatting with a friend. While spending time on ourselves, it is easy to have the feeling that perhaps, we should be not doing that. Perhaps we should be working a bit longer, doing laundry before the washer overflows, or deep cleaning the patio cushions.

Well, there is always that “should” feeling which is nagging us, but, again, we can accomplish so many “should’s” while still taking care of ourselves. Even if only briefly here and there through the day.

And as to what does it mean to be “perfect”? Clinicians put numeric ranges on our perfect results. We, personally, think that without this or that body type / body fat %/ partner/ looks/ degree/ experience, we cannot be “perfect”. I swear, through my life, I tried both: very long hair and super short hair. Dark brown hair, bright red hair, and some black. (Disclosure: I have never tried blond). Curly and straight. At various stages of my life, I also have seriously pursued tennis, academia, swimming, linguistics, triathlons, business life, travels, ultra-running, through hiking etc. Have any of those changes and different pursuits resulted in me being more “perfect”? Nah…

I believe that the best buck for the energy spent we get while pursuing our goals and ambitions (I do not call them “perfection” on purpose). Have you ever noticed how demotivating it is to reach a goal and for a moment or two, not have anything to pursue? So much happiness, curiosity, mental stimulation, and those “awe” moments result from us simply pursuing… the “us”, rather than some imaginary “perfect” state of being. Have a happy and full-of-pursuits month!

Magdalena is the owner of the Be Fit Fit Personal Training Studio ( and the Top 3% Chairman’s Board Realtor® at the Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International in Sedona. Visit her “Be Fit Fit” blog at

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