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NAWS hosts figure-drawing and painting demonstration

Janet Miller’s pastel drawing of model Pash

Janet Miller’s pastel drawing of model Pash

Originally Published: March 16, 2022 11:21 a.m.

People are fascinating.

As complicated as drawing them may seem, some simple tricks can lead to creating convincing figure drawings and paintings. You are welcome to learn and apply these techniques on March 25 at 9 a.m. at the Sedona United Methodist Church on 110 Indian Cliffs Road in Sedona.

This program is being sponsored by the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society (NAWS), a regional non-profit watermedia art association with members from Flagstaff to Prescott.

Drawing is the foundation of many art forms, and as NAWS member Janet Miller puts it, “Magic happens when you have a live model”. NAWS members Kathi Baron and Marti McNamee will share their love of figure drawing by demonstrating how to measure proportions and angles, capture gestures, and create volume, as well as how they translate these skills into their paintings. Professional model Pash Galbavy will model (clothed) so members and guests can practice drawing short and longer poses. To participate, bring a #2 pencil or vine charcoal, drawing pad with backing, and an eraser.

Model Pash Galbavy has a loyal following. Her modeling for artists specializes in movement-oriented quick gestures and incorporating expressions of emotion into her poses. She hosts a weekly online life drawing group and partners with the Sedona Arts Center and others to provide modeling for special figure drawing and painting events. For more information on these events and samples of Pash’s work, please see her website at www.artofpash.com or contact her directly at pash@artofpash.com.

Founded in 1995, NAWS has about 150 members who typically meet monthly to celebrate watermedia painting. Monthly meetings feature informative learning topics and artist demonstrations. Additional membership benefits include access to exceptional quality workshops, participation in smaller critique groups and an extensive DVD loan library of painting technique videos. NAWS welcomes visitors to its monthly meetings. For more information about NAWS, please send an email to nawsmembership20.21@gmail.com.