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Sedona’s Rumi Tree Art Gallery presents spring show with Dutch artist Théo Schildkamp

Little Red Ridinghood (left) and Served Cold, by Theo. (Courtesy of Paydar’s Rumi Tree Art Gallery)

Little Red Ridinghood (left) and Served Cold, by Theo. (Courtesy of Paydar’s Rumi Tree Art Gallery)

Originally Published: March 16, 2022 10:39 a.m.

Among the thousands of poems attributed to the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi is one that begins, “Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about ...”

Well, artist Sahar Paydar, who was so inspired by the writings of Rumi that she named her Sedona art gallery in his honor, believes there’s a contemporary artist Verde Valley residents may not know about, but should — Théo Schildkamp.


Théo Schildkamp

On Saturday, March 26, 4–7 p.m., Paydar’s Rumi Tree Art Gallery, 40 Soldiers Pass Road, Suite 12, Sedona, will present its Spring Show featuring a special evening with the Dutch artist, who is traveling to Sedona from Holland so local art aficionados can meet Schildkamp in person and view many of his new works.

Théo Schildkamp visited Sedona about five years ago, and the celebrated illustrator and painter says the area stole his heart.

“It’s like the South of France where I lived for 20 years,” Schildkamp said. “I’ll be very happy to be back in Sedona with its brilliant night sky and its warm, spiritual atmosphere. I love harmony, beauty, and depth, and that’s exactly what I find in Rumi Tree Art Gallery, which radiates warmth and love.”

This event is free and open to the public, and will be catered by Steakhouse 89 and live-streamed by SedonaCentric. Guests will be served wine and refreshments while enjoying live music on the patio. 

Sahar Paydar, whose new work will also be featured at this event, along with new pieces by artist Patricia Saxton, is thrilled to once again be presenting Schildkamp’s art.

“We love having Théo’s creative pieces in the gallery,” she says. “We feel he brings a sense of play and whimsy, with layers of illustrative detail and color. His talent is endless.”

Schildkamp first displayed that talent while attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. After graduating in 1974, he worked as an illustrator, author, and designer-presenter of radio and television programs. Already a highly talented and prolific designer, in 2010 Schildkamp began producing more paintings, many being depictions of female figures representing, as Schildkamp explains, “Personifications of abstract concepts such as love, loneliness, decay, fate and beauty. I want people to look at the stories my paintings tell and to make them their own stories.”

For more information, visit rumitree.com or contact Shanin Renee Dockrey, gallery director, at 928-862-4221 or 518-331-0330.