Sat, May 21

Letter: Annexation or conflict of interest


My home in the small, rural community on Willow Tree Lane borders several parcels of state park land in Yavapai County. I purchased my house over 25 years ago.

The state park has always managed these parcels along the river successfully. The continued preservation of these lands, the peace and quiet of this neighborhood has always been a priority for the families and ranchers in this area.

I have always loved and valued my privacy here. I strongly oppose annexation into the City of Cottonwood. There is no reason to change management from state land into the city. The state has always been an outstanding steward of this critical riparian habitat.

Every property owner here is against the annexation of these parcels except two – a pasture owner from Cornville and the vineyard/VRBO recently started a few years ago. The vineyard owner wanting annexation into the City of Cottonwood appears to be a conflict of interest for everyone else in the neighborhood. He works for the City of Cottonwood and his boss is the city manager, who is driving this annexation process.

Already our privacy is compromised, and our quality of life is threatened as growth of the city brings an increasing amount of traffic and tourists looking for river access. The whole of my neighborhood is being destabilized through these efforts.

JD Duncan


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