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Good JuJu Lifestyle Boutique hosts Grand Opening Nov. 3

Store front also an art studio

Good Juju Lifestyle Boutique will have a ribbon-cutting and grand opening Thursday in the Hozho Shopping Center on Gallery Row. (Contributed photo)

Good Juju Lifestyle Boutique will have a ribbon-cutting and grand opening Thursday in the Hozho Shopping Center on Gallery Row. (Contributed photo)

Originally Published: November 2, 2022 2:36 p.m.

The newest addition to the popular Hozho Shopping Center on Gallery Row in Sedona, Good Juju, will celebrate its grand opening on Thursday, Nov. 3, inviting Sedona residents and visitors alike to see what’s in store.

Good Juju is a lifestyle boutique that owner Julie Rasmussen creatively curates to promote holistic living. The eclectic mix of merchandise includes sustainable, linen and 100% cotton dresses from Italy, lush, embroidered blouses from India and fashion-forward clothing and accessories.


Artist Brent Lucy has his realist-style paintings on display at Good Juju, his latest being “Bell Rock.” (Contributed photos)

The jewelry is mindfully chosen with an emphasis on natural components like gemstones, wood, and blown glass. Hand-beaded earrings, soy candles, bath teas and books of encouragement line the shelves, while stylish handbags, hats and scarves vie for attention from locations throughout the store. There is also no shortage of metaphysical items such as crystals, sage, essential oils, and palo santo wood.

Rasmussen teamed up with her life partner Brent Lucy, a talented artist, and created a store front that doubles as an art studio. The walls boast the original works of Lucy’s richly colored, acrylic on canvas paintings and the whole vibe of the store is uplifting.

Lucy began drawing and painting at the age of 6. During his career inspiration has come from the natural beauty and architectural details he encountered in his travels. He attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where his skills were sharpened, and he began using his signature realist style.

Rasmussen came to Sedona in late 2021. After an early career as a Nordstrom buyer, Rasmussen evolved from corporate executive to style entrepreneur when she created a retail-clothing store in Fullerton, California. The award-winning boutique stood as a destination spot for 28 years catering to boho-chic and fashion-forward women. The property was eventually sold to a developer and Rasmussen was forced to move.

“After pounding the payment in Orange County and Los Angeles with no prospective leads, we had no choice but to close our doors,” said Rasmussen. “In an effort to find peace and gain clarity, my partner and I took a drive to Sedona to visit my sister Holly. During our visit, miracles happened, doors opened and a space in the Hozho Shopping Center on Gallery Row presented itself. We knew it was the perfect spot for our vision to manifest. Sedona had welcomed us with open arms.”

With new space in a great location, Good Juju was born.

“It’s like Sedona called us both here. I’ve never experienced so many miracles and synchronicities in such a short time, I feel like it’s meant to be,” said Rasmussen. “It’s true; every ending is just a new beginning.”

Good JuJu Lifestyle Boutique will host a grand opening /ribbon cutting on Nov. 3 from 5 to 6:30 p.m. The public is invited to join and share sweets and treats, receive a free gift with every purchase (while supplies last) and enter to win prizes.