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Red Rose Art Show at Stagecoach Country Roadhouse

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

Originally Published: November 2, 2022 1:51 p.m.

Enjoy great shopping and dining at the Red Rose Art Show and Stagecoach Country Roadhouse Nov. 4-6 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

These shows have always taken place exclusively at 1405 W. 89A in West Sedona for the past 13 years. The shows offer guilt free shopping for a worthy cause. The shows receive so many compliments from participants mentioning the quality of the artist and the fact that it’s affordable.


Courtesy photo

Red Rose Inspiration for Animals is a local 501c3 nonprofit that supports animal welfare and has been promoting Art Shows in West Sedona since 2009. These are the only art shows throughout the Verde Valley that proceeds benefit a non-profit for animal welfare

Red Rose is proud to represent some of the most fabulous and talented artists displaying everything from clothing, candles, accessories, jewelry, home décor, paintings, glass art and much more.

John and Lauri Maeder are botanical artists living and working in the historic copper mining town of Jerome. Inspired by a prickly pear fiber hat that was made in 1924 that they saw in a museum, they worked for nearly two years to discover the secret of removing the beautiful and intricate lacy fiber from within the pads of the prickly pear cactus, a forgotten technique until they re-discovered it.

Initially they made hats but now make a variety of artistic products using the fiber and skin of prickly pear cactus including jewelry, furniture, lighting fixtures, architectural panels, wall art, sculptures, and kaleidoscopes.

Brandon Strabella features fun orgonite pieces in the shape of pyramids, paw prints, and much more. These EMF protectors are a mixture of over 50 different crystals. The crystals add beneficial frequencies into the mix of metal shavings and resin. The benefits as orgonite taps into the ever-present energy all around us.

This event is sponsored by the Wild Thyme Restaurant Group, the newest restaurant to West Sedona known as the Stagecoach Country Roadhouse at 1405 W. 89A, with beautiful patio dining on the lower and upper-level patios with red rock views. It has been totally remodeled with a western theme, private dining for special events, live music, and mechanical bull riding.

The newest entertainment hub with a separate bar area featuring large screen televisions, live entertainment, karaoke and much more along with a relaxed separate dining area.

Reservations are recommended.

The Red Rose shows generate revenue for the various long-term existing animal related programs such as spay and neuter of homeless feral felines specifically in Camp Verde, along with low-cost spay and neuter services of felines and canines belonging to pet owners on a fixed income and needing financial assistance. Animals that continue to reproduce are often abused, injured, neglected, or euthanized as there is a huge over pet population problem and spay and neuter is the only solution.