Letter: What’s with the cameras?

Open letter:

As a frequent patron to the Cottonwood Public Library I was quite dismayed to discover that there are now surveillance cameras at both entrances to the library.

I demand that all of these cameras be immediately removed. Surveillance cameras have absolutely no place in public libraries – Inside or out. These are direct violations of citizens’ fundamental right to personal privacy as protected by law in the U.S. Bill of Rights – it’s called the fourth amendment.

Most of these cameras use facial recognition software to instantly identify anyone caught within their line of sight. Feeds go right into local law enforcement, DHS fusion centers and the NSA. Again, this is a public library, not a police state prison.

I am opposed to all surveillance cameras everywhere. To me they are nothing less than instruments used by a fascist police state to illegally monitor, control and oppress the public. I implore the Cottonwood Public Library to learn to uphold and protect our civil liberties when it comes to personal privacy and the fourth amendment.

I’ve seen too many good libraries, institutions and communities destroyed by the overuse and abuse of surveillance cameras being weaponized against lawful members of the community. I’m sorry, but the “safety and security” argument does not hold here in this instance.

This excuse is merely a police state cover for the massive and insidious levels of intrusion being conducted by the state against the citizens of our republic when it comes to the use of surveillance cameras.

Our freedoms and civil liberties come first.

This is America, not communist China.

SK Jona


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