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SAC Life Drawing Group Field Trip to Waddell’s Studio & Sculpture Garden

Enjoy life drawing, outdoors, along with Master sculptor John Waddell’s sculpture.

Artist Rafael Ramos sketching performance artist/model Pash Galbavy with John Waddell’s sculptures. (Courtesy/Bob Coates, bcphotography.com)

Artist Rafael Ramos sketching performance artist/model Pash Galbavy with John Waddell’s sculptures. (Courtesy/Bob Coates, bcphotography.com)

Originally Published: November 9, 2022 1:25 a.m.

Friday, Nov. 11, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., participants are invited to experience a special version of Sedona Arts Center’s formal online Monday life drawing group, at the magnificent Waddell studio and sculpture garden in Cornville.

If You Go ...

• What: Life Drawing Group at the Waddell’s Studio & Sculpture Garden

• When: Nov. 11, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

• Where: Cornville, RSVP for directions

• How Much: $25

• More Info: 928-284-4021. www.artofpash.com

Performance artist/model/dancer Pash Galbavy will start with 5-minute poses with John’s sculptures, and then will continue with 20 minute poses for the duration. Afterward, guests are invited to bring a sack lunch and peruse the studio and grounds to view John and Ruth Waddell’s artwork. Bring your own supplies including paper, drawing tools. Cost is $25 for this special event. All skill levels are welcome. Masks are required when inside the studio. 

Master sculptor John Waddell sculpted over 150 life-size and over-life-size bronze figurative sculptures, many small figures, as well as paintings and drawings. His work has been exhibited worldwide. Though earlier in his career, Waddell was a social significance painter representing the ills of society. Eventually, his interest turned to the beauty of individuals and their potential for positive interaction. In the past, apprentices from all over the world came to the Southwest landscape to study with Waddell. See John’s work at www.artbyjohnwaddell.com.

Ruth Waddell’s painting, pastel, drawing and sculpture work is inspired by people and nature. Her wish is to deliver the emotional impact that her subjects have on her. See her artwork at www.artbyruthwaddell.com

“We are so lucky to have the honor and opportunity again to work on the Waddell property with the sculptures and amidst John and Ruth’s artwork.” said, Pash, the life drawing group’s host and sole model. “To honor the fact that so many of John’s sculpture model’s were dancers, I am looking forward to dancing with the sculptures into my poses with them.”

Ruth said: “Pash does so beautifully interacting with the sculptures, moving toward the work and settling into poses relating with the work. It is inspiring.”

Pash has been conducting Sedona Arts Center’s weekly life drawing group since 2012. She was originally asked by SAC’s then Director, Vince Fazio, if she wanted to host and model for a life drawing group. The group has been going strong ever since. In 2020, sessions moved online. Pash says: “I try to mix up our online sessions with a new set every week, different lighting, and varied props and expressions. We have a lot of fun. It’s an incredibly open group that is supportive of people of every skill level with attendees from around the world.”

Sedona artist Lynne Grigg, who has been a regular attendee of the online life drawing group, said: “It has been surprising to me that a 2D online life drawing/painting session can inspire so much creative energy, and that is entirely due to Pash’s unique passion, artistic spirit and striking poses. The creative sharing between participants also adds to the dimensional experience.”

Beginning with ancient cave drawings, early Greek sculptures, through the Renaissance, Middle-Ages, eighteenth through twentieth centuries, and into the present, drawing the unclothed human form, or “life drawing,” has a long history of being key to the development of artists. It requires intense focus of artists’ skills in analysis and execution, while inviting intuitive insights into collective humanity. It develops an ability to interpret emotional and physical aspects of the subject and combines those with creative expression. 

Call for more detailed information or to RSVP, (928) 284-4021. www.artofpash.com