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Author Expo: Storyteller documents Arizona residents’ lives

Jeanne “Bean” Murdock
(Courtesy ohoto)

Jeanne “Bean” Murdock (Courtesy ohoto)

Originally Published: November 16, 2022 12:35 a.m.

Entrepreneur and storyteller Jeanne “Bean” Murdock swoops into Cornville with her camera and laptop to document Arizona residents’ lives.

Most people think that they have to be famous to have a book written about them, but every story matters. Your story matters. The history of our community and the residents who make it special needs to be preserved.

Murdock helped California resident Ted Gilbert write his autobiography, Barefoot NOMAD (POGA Publishing 2019). Gilbert initially hired Murdock so that he could share information with his family about his ancestors, childhood, and career in energy exploration and exploitation.

Then he realized that his story would enlighten anyone and remind others: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana, 1863-1952).

Murdock has edited many books and written 13, so far, even squeezing in her autobiographical work, Serial Good Samaritan (BEANFIT Publishing 2021), which is an arrangement of true stories about coming to the rescue during a crisis.

One of Murdock’s clients said about the creative process, “This is so much fun.” And it is. How can it not be? All people have to do is sit back and talk about themselves, and Murdock does all the work. At the end, her clients have bragging rights of being the author and publisher of a book. How many people can say that . . . about a high-quality book?

Murdock is a storyteller: writing, photography, and performing comedy. Originally from Cupertino, California, she was given the nickname Bean in third grade by her next-door neighbor simply because it rhymed with Jeanne. Murdock studied physical education at Cal Poly, SLO, and then started BEANFIT Health and Fitness Services in 1992. Three years later, she was diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition that she included in her teachings. For 22 years Murdock was a health and fitness professional who happened to be a storyteller. Now, she is a storyteller who happens to be a health and fitness expert.

Murdock will participate in Verde Valley Author Expo Saturday, Nov.19, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Cottonwood Public Library, 150 South Sixth St., Cottonwood, 928-634-7559. Authors’ books will be for sale.

For more information about hiring Murdock to write your story, contact her at 408-203-7643, laugh@JeanneMurdock.com.