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Inaugural Verde Valley Pottery Festival in Camp Verde Nov. 19-20

Ben Roti will have 10 Arizona potters and their works at his home studio in Camp Verde Nov. 19-20. (VVN/Paige Daniels)

Ben Roti will have 10 Arizona potters and their works at his home studio in Camp Verde Nov. 19-20. (VVN/Paige Daniels)

Originally Published: November 16, 2022 9:13 a.m.

The very first Verde Valley Pottery Festival is around the corner as the owner, operator and instructor of Ben Roti Ceramics and host of the festival gets ready for the festivities at his home.

The goal of this festival, Ben Roti says, is to expand the reach of contemporary studio pottery by getting clay into the hands of young people.

Schedule of events

Ben Roti Ceramics Studio, 2175 S. Glenrose Drive, Camp Verde

Saturday, Nov. 19

10:00 Am - Festival Opens & Sale Begins

10:30 Am - Demo: Mug Madness With Ben Roti & Jason Hess

11:00 Am Clay For Kids - Jungle Animals

12:00 PM Demo: Designing Dishes with Augusta Smith & Mike Upp

1:00 Pm - Clay For Kids - Tower Sculpture

1:30 Pm - Demo: Sculpt It Out with Magda Gluszek & Kait Arndt

3:00 Pm - Live Music - Ryan David Orr

5:00 Pm - Festival Closes

Sunday, Nov. 20

10:00 AM - Festival Opens and Sale begins

10:30 AM - Demo: Handbuilding with Dexter Woods & Heather Spontak

11:00 AM - Clay for Kids - Sea Animals

12:00 PM - Demo: Altered Pots with Jason Bohnert & Jeff Heeg

1:30 PM - Clay for Kids - Ornaments

3:00 PM - Festival Closes


Purple Haze Dinnerware by Mike Upp

Roti has coordinated with nine talented, Arizona-based potters to arrange a festival in his front yard.` The potters in attendance will be Heather Spontak, Jason Hess, Jeff Heeg, Mike Upp, Dexter Woods, Jason Bohnert, Magda Gluszek, Andrew Augusta Smith, Kait Arndt, and of course, Ben Roti.

“We are planning on having a very large tent in the front of our property where we will have 30 tables with everyone’s art on display, all available for purchase,” says Roti.`


Basin Platter No 2 by Dexter Woods

Along with tables of art on display, this festival will be filled with demonstrations by the artists, public lectures, hands-on activities for the kids, ornament-making, food and beverages for the whole family to enjoy.

Roti is thrilled to be hosting this free event to the public, and says he even got his neighbors’ help and approval for this festival.

“Our neighbors have been super supportive,” Roti says with a smile. “They’ve allowed us to borrow their front parcel, that has a blank area, for parking, so there will be a separate area for guests to park and pass the check-in tent.”

Fresh coffee will be available for guests, in hopes they drink it out of their new Verde Valley Pottery Festival mugs, which will be given out free to the first 50 guests in attendance.

As the festival approaches, Roti is becoming more excited for the public to come together.

“Community is a big part for me,” says Roti. “It’s a success just to have the 10 artists that I really enjoy to be here, but to be able to share this with the community is an even bigger success.”


Whiteware by Ben Roti

The Verde Valley Pottery Festival is Nov. 19 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Nov. 20 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Ben Roti Ceramics Studio, 2175 S. Glenrose Drive, Camp Verde.

Visit VVPotteryFestival.com for more information about the event.

Contact Paige Daniels at pdaniels@verdenews.com or 928-634-2241, ext. 6033.


Ben Roti works on his pottery at his home-based studio in Camp Verde. (VVN/Paige Daniels)