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Highlights of Big Park Council Meeting Sept. 8

The executive board was asked to assist Las Piedras HOA in finding a solution to the infrastructure damage in the wash on their property which poses risk to the Village power grid and sewer system. See separate article for details.


Duane Thompson

Collective Special Use Permit

Due to short timing, an electronic vote of member organizations was conducted on the Special Use Permit for The Collective. The vote resulted in unanimous support the new special use permit as requested.

Bylaw Revision

A minor change to the Bylaws was unanimously approved, adding “Big Park Council” as an optional descriptor for the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, Inc. In a separate vote, the Council approved a new the logo featuring an original sketch of Bell Rock and the name “Big Park Council”.

Resuming In-Person Meetings

Treasurer Patty Reski reported that the Bylaws require meetings to be in-person unless “impracticable.” In other words, in-person meetings must resume as COVID-19 restrictions have relaxed. After discussion, it was agreed to proceed once the treasurer confirms availability of meeting space at a regular day/time that is acceptable to the Council.

Northern AZ Healthcare Services Survey

President Camille Cox reported early results of the survey that the Council produced in collaboration with Supervisor Donna Michaels. See separate article for details.

P&Z Report

Committee member Dave Norton reported successful resolution to the siting of a new AT&T 5G tower opposite The Collective on SR179. The tower would be a 35-foot “monopine,” (pine tree-like) tower with five antennas, much less obtrusive than a previous proposal. Dave thanked Mr. Steve Olson of Bechtel Engineering for their efforts to understand community concerns and collaborate on a solution that reduced visibility from SR179 and also from Las Piedras homes. If approved by the County, construction is planned to begin early 2023.

APS Powerline

Subcommittee Chair Duane Thompson reported on an Aug. 30 meeting with the U.S. Forest Service providing a preliminary look at the proposed route between McGuireville and Oak Creek substations. Approximately 17 persons attended, including the Coconino National Forest Acting Supervisor Michelle Paduani and Red Rock District Ranger Amy Tinderholt, staff of several elected officials, APS engineers and representatives of the Council and Keep Sedona Beautiful.

Duane noted that while much of the line would be buried along part of the scenic stretch along Beaverhead Flat Road, only a small segment crossing Highway 179 in the Village was proposed for burial. He indicated that the Council would eventually vote on whether it was satisfied with the USFS’ final decision, or whether to appeal the decision to the USFS regional forester.

Art in the Roundabouts

Committee Co-chair Rolf Funk reported that planning was proceeding with a launch event for the project, scheduled Oct. 4 from 4:30-6 p.m. in the VOCA ballroom. The committee approved a Mission Statement, which “is to display the story of our community with inspiring art.”

Community Plan Committee

Camille Cox reported on a Sept. 1 meeting with Supervisor Donna Michaels, County Administrator Phil Bourdon and Director of Development Services Jeremy Dye. The session provided information and answered questions on the recently enacted legislation, SB1168, allowing municipalities and counties limited authority to regulate short-term rentals, consistent with statutory guidelines. Also discussed was proposed legislation allowing counties to levy transient lodging taxes. Information on both topics will be incorporated into the draft 2022 Community Plan for the VOC.

Nominating Committee

Committee member Carolyn Fisher reported that the committee was still seeking candidates for president and vice-president and asked support from Council representatives.

Dark-Sky Committee

Committee Chair Curt Schneider reported that a Star Party is planned for September 30th at the Red Rock Ranger Visitor Center, beginning at dusk. In addition, the committee is collaborating the City of Cottonwood to host future events.

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