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All-a-Glow Artisans of Sedona creating unique one-of-a-kind art

New artists represented at Vista Village Shopping Center in VOC location

Michael Mendoza

Michael Mendoza (Courtesy/SAC)

Originally Published: October 12, 2022 1:40 a.m.

Artists Michael and Glow Mendoza began their jewelry business All-a-Glow Jewelry in 2005 and are now operating from their new boutique gallery and gift shop, All-a-Glow Artisans of Sedona.

They built their business with the intention to create artistic, one-of-a-kind, quality jewelry that consists of necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Their use of natural stones and pearls to enhance each piece results in a casual elegance often described as artistic, contemporary, and earthy. Five different hand-woven metal techniques distinguish them as unique jewelry artists—using sterling, copper, brass and niobium wire for their weaving techniques. 

They also incorporate high quality leather, a variety of natural shells, crystals, and unique findings.

The Mendozas are a husband-and-wife team. They were born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. They have known each other since they were 10 years old. Glow has six generations of family in Santa Barbara, California. Her great grandmother was Chumash Native American. Her grandmother taught Glow how to weave baskets with natural reeds and palm leaves from the California coast. Several weaving techniques used in their jewelry designs originated from baskets.

Upon retiring, they relocated and purchased their home in Sedona. Glow is a retired cosmetologist/salon owner. She owned and operated a salon spa in Santa Barbara, California for 25 years. It was a natural transition working with hair styling tools to using jewelry-making tools. Her experience with color and design significantly influenced the color combinations in the jewelry. Glow is a natural artist, using her hands and creating beautiful, unique jewelry is a joy to her. Michael is a retired commercial driver. Having always had an appreciation for nature and an artistic and a keen eye for design, Michael developed his art during retirement.

Glow and Michael always have their customers in mind when designing and creating their jewelry. They create specific styles that resonate with their client’s unique lifestyles, always designing something new. They select unique stones and pearls that often spark their creative process, often choosing them based on their shape, cut or polish—always taking into consideration color, design and most importantly comfort. Each piece they create is sure to be durable, versatile, and comfortable to wear.

Michael and Glow co-create their jewelry together, with Michael working on detailed precise cuts, and Glow using her free form and fluid style to bring the two together. This creative process ensures each piece is an art piece that goes through its own evolutionary process. Sometimes this involves hand-painting metal, creating a beautiful patina on copper, brass, or silver, and always making sure the final work is its own work of art.

All-a-Glow Artisans of Sedona is located at the Vista Village Shopping Center in the Village of Oak Creek, featuring paintings, photography, Navajo art, copper and artistic jewelry, metal art, fabric art, pottery, crystals, lavender products and more. 

Learn about the artists represented at All-a-Glow Artisans of Sedona by visiting them online at allaglowsedona.com or visiting their fabulous shop at 6657 SR179, Suite D-12 Sedona; 928-925-2973.