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Art Garden Gallery hosts Fall Fest

9 artists, all media, art demos for 3-day event

Sunflower by Paul Kanter (Courtesy/Art Garden Gallery)

Sunflower by Paul Kanter (Courtesy/Art Garden Gallery)

Originally Published: October 19, 2022 8:35 p.m.

The Art Garden Gallery will host eight renowned local artists and one special guest artist for its Fall Fest Oct. 28-30.

Ceramics, fiber art, mixed media, wood working, photography, sculpture, jewelry and art glass will be on display in a beautiful indoor and outdoor setting. There will be daily demonstrations of Art Spark wood burning, fiber art techniques and live music by Yarrow on Friday afternoon from noon to 3 p.m. This event is free to the public.


Copper Tikil Bird by Cindi Horste

The Art Garden Gallery is part of artist Sue Meyers’ ceramic studio, in a casita overlooking the red rocks, surrounded by a garden filled with art. Meyer worked on stage for many years and drew inspiration from collaborating with other actors. As a different type of artist, she now delights in bringing artists from different genres together, blending their work and creating one magical stage of color, texture and harmony. As Wendy the Weaver says, “We all elevate one another to add beauty to our world.”

Meyer hand builds her beautifully functional ceramic pieces, adding creative textures, ceramic impressions of leaves, and precisely detailed glazes. Meyers’ experience in home décor and floral arranging is visible with her dried flower and stone embellishments.

Paul Kanter is a photographer who seeks patterns, geometries, and movement or stillness in a variety of subjects:  abstracts, botanicals, macro, architecture, landscapes, and the occasional vintage aircraft and cars.

Wendy Bialek, also known as “Wendy the Weaver,” is the queen of virtually every form of fabric magic. Her one-of-a-kind textile art is hand made with love, joy, and intention, and invokes the colors, textures, patterns, and fibers of cultures all around the world. Bialek brings decades of experience to her mixed media textile art, creating exquisite wall pieces as well as unique decorative vessels.

Mixed media artist Cindi Horste’s style of work is a vibrant explosion of bright color, texture and story with a lighthearted, whimsical twist. Peruvian colors, Native Inuit carvings and Pacific Islander’s tribal batiks are some of her strongest influences. Cindi Horste categorizes her creative process as “Art-e-ology.”

Steve’s Horste’s electrical engineering background lends itself to exploring the “Spark Art” technique of applying 10-20K volts of electricity to wood, resulting in the unique patterns he calls “Emerging Artifacts.” Horste employs native turquoise inlay and copper wire, adding texture and an architectural feel to his designs.


Bronze Necklace by Patty Hoisch

Jeweler Patty Hoisch carves her designs in wax and has them cast locally in Sedona, in sterling silver or three colors of bronze. Her unusual designs are inspired by the natural world, and spiritual concepts. Hoisch has been making jewelry known as “Wild Hare Arts” for over 15 years.

Michael Bolen has been a potter for over 40 years.  He is skilled at both the wheel and hand building. While his work is functional, Bolen chooses to look at it from a sculptural standpoint; function is at best secondary.  Primitive surface designs carved into the clay or brushed onto the surface create a very tactile piece of art.

Suzy Allan has mentored many aspiring artists in the community by teaching ceramics. While Allan is well known for her ceramic work, her true love lies in sculpture.

Special guest artist Rob Adamson of Island Art Glass in Whidbey Island, Washington, is in his 53rd year of glassmaking. His work is inspired by the beauty of the natural world of the Northwest. Island Art Glass will be showing giftware, glass designed for garden and outdoor use.

The Art Garden Gallery is located at 230 Morgan Drive in the Village of Oak Creek. For more information call Sue Meyer at 206-595-8926, or go to; ArtGardenGallery.com.