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Highlights of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting

Mary Pope

Mary Pope

The Collective Use Permit: The Planning & Zoning Committee member David Gill provided a summary report on the Special Use Permit application from the Collective. He explained that Yavapai County pre-application citizen participation requirements were met and the Applicant was highly accommodating to citizen concerns. Due to short timing between the County’s notification and comment period deadline of 8/31, the P&Z Committee’s recommendation and supporting information will be sent by email to Representatives for electronic vote. After the vote, the Council’s recommendation will be submitted to the County.

Secretary’s Report: Mary Pope noted that the Sedona Village Learning Center has closed and is no longer a member organization. She welcomed Suzy Lambert as the new Representative for the Sundance HOA thanking Patrick Murphy for his years of service.

Treasurer’s Report: Patty Reski noted that expenses were normal with reserves up from 2021. Economy measures include downsizing the PO Box and an extensive review of our insurance policies. Patty called for volunteers to work on the 2023 Budget Committee and Nancy Maple, Bob Marriott and Dave Norton stepped up.

Unfinished Business: Don Groves reported on behalf of the Strategic Plan & Leadership Development Committee with updated guidelines for the Nominating Committee.

President’s Report: Camille Cox noted that the USFS is nearing completion of scoping for the Turkey Creek trail system, and expects to release the plan in Sept/Oct. The public has 30 days to comment from the date of release.

Camille spoke about the unique and far-reaching value the Council delivers to the community. She complimented the 2022 executive leadership team, explaining that a shift to a “flexible, teamwork approach” allows officers to contribute the strengths they bring, and enjoy support from the others to cover the bases.

Nominating Committee: Carolyn Fisher, Dave Norton and Ty deJong volunteered to serve and were unanimously appointed by the Council. Officer candidates are nominated in October and elected by the Council in November.

Corporate Identity: Mary Pope reported on a way to improve public recognition of the Council. An original illustration of Bell Rock created by Duane Thompson will serve as the basis for a new logo using the simpler name, Big Park Council.

APS Powerline: Duane Thompson reported that highlights of the United States Forest Service (USFS) Final Environmental Assessment (FEA) on the APS proposed powerline will be discussed at a meeting hosted by USFS on 8/30. After the FEA is released, parties that submitted comments and continue to have concerns will have 45 days to file an appeal with the regional forester.

EPPiC: Gwen Hanna reported that the committee has met with frontline responders and most recently the American Red Cross. Gwen reiterated how impressive the communication, consistency and cooperation between the various frontline responders is. She reminded the Council that all residents need to BE READY and STAY INFORMED, noting that CODE RED provides evacuation GO information, not wildfire updates.

Dark-Sky Committee: Curt Schneider reported that the committee will present Lighting Best Practices to the Cornville Community Association on 10/11 and on 8/25 they will be part of a Dark-Sky event at the Beaver Creek School.

Art in the Roundabouts: Rolf Funk reported that Harvey Bershader and Lenore Hemingway have joined the committee, and new Aesthetics & Selection subcommittee members are Linda Goldenstein, Lisa Snowden and Mary Kershaw. The launch event has been rescheduled for Oct. 4 at VOCA.

Broadband Update: Tom Binnings has met with the AZ Commerce Authority and others to bring more competitive broadband into our area. They’ll try for funding via the Federal $830 million infrastructure plan, and noted that additional private sector funding will also be needed.

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