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(Courtesy photo)

VVPOA Fall Yard Sale

The Verde Village Yard Sales were revived two years ago and have been a great success. Spring and fall are the times of the year when most folks are cleaning up and putting away items to use in the future or pass along to someone else.

Many of us decide that it’s time to donate or sell what we no longer use. On Sept.17, from 8 a.m. to noon, tables will be available at the VVPOA Clubhouse for anyone who is interested in selling. Inside tables are $15 and outside tables are $10. Call 928-646-6505, leave a message with your phone number so that we can call you back and reserve your table.

If you would like to donate items for the VVPOA to sell, please leave them on the side porch of the Ranch House and someone will move them inside. We appreciate you help and support to make this event a success. Any questions…call the number above.

Other upcoming events

Sept. 13, 7 p.m. VVPOA General Meeting

Sept. 30, 5 p.m. Friday Night Dinner - see website for menu and reservations

Oct. 8, Pumpkin Pancake Brunch 10 a.m. Come at 8:30 for a bird walk in the VVPOA Nature Preserve lead by Northern Arizona Audubon Society

Nominations Needed

The Verde Village Property Owners Association is wanting talented and creative people to lead the next chapter in 2023.

Besides celebrating its 50th anniversary, new ideas and involvement needs to be generated. A gathering of Verde Village residents making possible a sense of community with opportunities of various interest.

Being part of the VVPOA will lead direction, build communications, rebuild, and offering everyone a say toward its future from 2023 onward.

There is a strong search for leadership especially in the presidency and treasurer positions. Please each person examine your time, energy, and ability to lead the next group that will continue the presence of Verde Villages in Yavapai County.

Place your name as a nominee and serve your community.

Be that shining star!

Contact: Kathleen Green or Dave Hoover 928-646-6505.


Mal Otterson is Unit #6 director. Unit #6 is located near Walmart.


Mal Otterson

In his own words…

I have lived here for approximately 16 years. 

I am a past president of the VVPOA and for many years lead the Highway Cleanup along State Route #260 from Western Dr. to Walmart. Many community members have helped over the years. Maybe you have driven by and seen folks, mostly older, with grabbers and blue bags. Those are the people in your area who care enough to spend a Saturday morning, four times a year, collecting trash that accumulates. If you would like to help, check the website at for the next date.

For fun I really enjoy helping people who need it and working around my own house.

I appreciate the neighborhood and the people in our community.  In order to get people involved, the VVPOA and Unit Directors talk to our neighbors and let them know what we are doing to improve our area. Many of our neighbors. for one reason or another, need assistance fixing up something on their property. I have worked with other volunteers when these people reach out to us. It’s a great way to get out and meet people and feel worthwhile. Try it!

Paul Coleman is Unit #8 director.


Paul Coleman

In his words…

I have lived here for 2 and1/2 years

I like to swim, play ping pong, write horror and children’s books, and visit my home in the islands.

I like living in the Verde Villages. The people, are kind and friendly and everything is close and convenient. I have been a pool monitor and enjoy meeting new people and letting them know about the VVPOA.

Two words: Get Involved! Find something you are interested in doing to make your community a better place to live. Donate just a few hours a month to make it happen. VVPOA will help you to get involved.  It is important because it is your home. If you are expecting the government to do anything to make your life better, think again.

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