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‘Colors of the West’ aglow at Mountain Trails Gallery

Long Journey Home by Jean Hildebrant, 20x24 oil, Mountain Trails Gallery, Sedona

Long Journey Home by Jean Hildebrant, 20x24 oil, Mountain Trails Gallery, Sedona

Originally Published: September 28, 2022 12:37 p.m.

Mountain Trails Gallery is proud to present “Colors of the West,” one of the gallery’s most festive exhibitions of the year, featuring vibrant landscape and figurative paintings from the new season by a remarkable group of award-winning artists.

The new exhibition opens on First Friday, Oct. 7, with a reception from 4-7 p.m. at the gallery in Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village in Sedona. The gallery is known to be a resource for some of the finest traditional and contemporary painters of the American West.


Ray of Light by Michelle Condrat, 12x16 oil, Mountain Trails Gallery, Sedona

The gallery is proud to show this group of award-winning artists who love to paint the extraordinary panoramas, the special light that changes moment by moment, and the many ledges and outposts that stand out, especially in Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

This month the gallery features work by Marcia Molnar, whose poetically titled painting Acapella as well as her Summer Rain capture the exceptional nature of harmony in the variety of colors to be found across the West.

People’s Choice Award recipient at the recent Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, Michelle Condrat continues to capture magical moments with her paintings, and Ray of Light and Cool Blue Canyon.

Paintings by Bill Cramer who was awarded Artist’s Choice at the same annual event like Evening Fire and from the edge of the Grand Canyon Watching the Weather.

Linda Glover Gooch who catches breaks from the heavens and the feeling of peace in such a wondrous place as The Golden Hour.

Susanne Nyberg captures a realism that rises above the perception of place in her Phoenix Sunset and Majestic Sedona, with rich colors and surface textures.

David Jonason’s Pink Hollyhocks is a bold presentation of the grandeur of floral life, as he sees it, going on beneath the surface.

Contemporary painter Gregory Stocks continues to have a foothold in the traditions of landscape painting as he captures the magic of bold color with his own expressionist brush strokes in Red Rock Moon.

The wide-open spaces of the West are alive with drama both in style and subject matter as Tamara Rymer brings us a contrast of history and beauty as a part of her message in her painting They Stopped in Ft. Sumner.

New to Mountain Trails Gallery is Arizona artist Jean Hildebrant whose vibrant body of work captures the inherent beauty of humanity in works such as Long Journey Home and Living Water.

Also, a new body of work has arrived by figurative artist Steven Lang, a Master Signature member in the Oil Painters of American organization. Using his own Native American background as inspiration, he presents such detailed work as Painting the Medicine Shield and Honoring His Wife.

Arizona painter Shawn Cameron presents a slice of her own life with her husband, after a long day working, coming Home by Moonlight and Weathered.

Sue Krzyston goes beyond the ordinary in how she captures surface texture and 3-D bead work, as she pays tribute to such wondrous historic handmade creations with the extraordinary graphics of Acoma Trio and in A Quiet Meditation.

Also joining “Colors of the West” are paintings by Sedona artist Lisa Danielle. In her Perfectly Aged Puebloan and in the Pride of the Plateau mirror bag Danielle captures the patina of life.

All these artists and more are a part of the gallery’s celebration of “Colors of the West” as Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona continues to be a fine art destination gallery for more than 35 years showcasing painting, sculpture, mixed media, furniture, and jewelry by an extraordinary group of traditional and contemporary artists who are all in love with the West. Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona, 336 SR 179, upstairs Suite A201 in Tlaquepaque, 928-282-3225.