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Big Park Council Meeting Highlights

Mary Pope

Mary Pope

March 9, 2023

President’s Report:  Immediate Past President Camille Cox has decided to step away from her position on the BPC Executive Board citing “new responsibilities of a very full-time job.” Camille will continue to serve on the Art in the Roundabouts Committee. Secretary Mary Pope commented, “Camille ultimately built a successful organization that can stand on its own…a very positive and rewarding legacy.”

Unfinished Business

501(c) 3 Status: Treasurer Patty Reski informed the Council that on advice of counsel, she consulted Denton Accounting and received an endorsement of the Council’s decision. The Council unanimously approved BPC continuing the process to change from 501(c) 6 to 501(c) 3 at a cost not to exceed a fixed amount.

Bylaw Revision, Article 1 Definitions, Section 1 Purpose: The Council unanimously approved this revision documenting the educational aspect of the organization’s purpose.

Big Park/VOC Vision Statement: Community Plan committee member Joe Skidmore presented their proposed Vision Statement and after discussion, the Statement was amended to include education and approved unanimously. (See full article elsewhere in the Villager). This approved Vision Statement has been submitted and accepted by Yavapai County Development Services as part of their Comprehensive Plan local community input process.

Website Development Task Force/Committee Purpose & Scope: Pat Robles, co-chair of the task force proposed a purpose and scope for the committee which was unanimously approved by the Council. The committee’s purpose is to define the requirements for and launch a BPC website that is an informational repository and dissemination vehicle for VOC/Big Park residents, visitors, property owners, business owners, educational institutions, investors, and Big Park Council Representatives.   

New Business:

Officer Evaluations: President John Wichert invited any suggestions on how officer performance could be improved to be sent to Secretary Mary Pope at .

Committee Reports:

Planning & Zoning (P&Z) – Arts & Crafts Tent Shows at Vista Village Conditional Use Permit (CUP) renewal: Bob Marriott, P&Z chair pro-tem, led the discussion. It was emphasized that conditions have changed since the 2020 CUP was approved and that there is no place on-line to report complaints or violations to the County. Anecdotal unreported violations include holding 17 shows, tables placed outside of tents, signage, parking, and fire safety. It was agreed that a request for a temporary 90-day continuum be included in the P&Z recommendations to allow for community outreach, research and documentation of described violations before the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors (BOS) votes.

In the absence of documented violations or complaints, on 3/15, the BOS approved the CUP for a 5-year period, reviewable at two years.

P&Z Verde Valley School Conditional Use Permit: President John Wichert reported that the Verde Valley School (VVS) has adjusted their CUP request and are continuing discussion with several interested nearby neighborhood HOA’s.

On 3/16 Yavapai County P&Z passed the CUP request, agreeing with the BPC recommendation that it be non-transferable (See full article elsewhere in the Villager).

Art in the Roundabouts Committee (AiR): Rolf Funk, committee co-chair reported the new website “” has gone live and that all were encouraged to take the survey on artwork themes and selection criteria.

Emergency Planning & Preparedness Committee (EPPiC): Mary Pope, committee co-chair reported that the committee will focus on new BPC website content, looking to hold a community forum in the Spring of 2024 when the website is a continuous UpToDate source of emergency information.

Membership: Nancy Maple committee chair, shared their brainstorming ideas on expanding the committee’s role to include expanded outreach and new member recruitment, noting that the new BPC website and social media are crucial to provide information and take the pulse of the community. Additional volunteers for this committee are most welcome. Email

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