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Big Park – Village of Oak Creek Vision Statement

Education has been added as a priority to the Big Park Vision Statement, Big Park’s contribution to the current 10-year Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan (2032). The Vision Statement was presented to the Board by the Community Plan Committee back in June of 2022, but a procedural oversight left approval of the Vision Statement without a vote. The Vision Statement was put to a vote at the most recent monthly Board meeting, giving the Representatives a fresh opportunity for review and discussion.

Education was fresh in the minds of the Representatives, having been added as a Purpose of the Council in a bylaw revision in the same meeting. Education of residents and visitors was recognized as an ongoing purpose of Big Park Council in the pending status change from a 501(c)6 to a 501(c)3 nonprofit, spearheaded by Vice President Colleen Hinds.

Don Groves, Representative of Sedona Golf Resort HOA, suggested adding education to the list of priorities in the Vision Statement. The revision was greeted warmly, and further discussion centered around whether to add education as a priority or an opportunity. It was decided to add education as both. The revised Vision Statement is as follows:

Big Park- Village of Oak Creek Vision Statement

Our community honors and protects its quiet, small-town feel and southwestern heritage.

We value and support low-density, low-rise, walkable development design to preserve our exceptional Red Rock views, open spaces, and cherished International Dark-Sky designation.

Priorities include the health, welfare, education and safety of residents, reliable broadband and infrastructure and access to abundant educational, recreational and cultural opportunities.

As part of our economy, we support sustainable tourism practices that enrich the quality of life for residents and future generations.

The revised Vision Statement was submitted to Jeremy Dye, Yavapai County Development Services Director on March 14 and acknowledged the following day. Mr. Dye is responsible for “monitoring the effectiveness of the Comprehensive Plan and its Implementation, and for providing an annual report to the Board of Supervisors.” The Comprehensive plan does not incorporate the Vision Statements or Community Plans of unincorporated communities, but states that they are “used as a tool to help guide the direction of proposed land use projects.”

The Big Park Council wishes to thank Camille Cox, Immediate Past President, for her work in Chairing the Community Plan Committee. Seventeen core members volunteered their time to research and write elements of the draft Community Plan. The Community Plan Committee is continuing its activities to communicate and archive the work done over the past 2-1/2 years.

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