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New artists at Carre d'artistes Gallery at Tlaquepaque!

Jerome Guillet art. (Courtesy/ Carre d'artistes Gallery)

Jerome Guillet art. (Courtesy/ Carre d'artistes Gallery)

Originally Published: April 19, 2023 1:17 p.m.

Paula Rodriguez already at the gallery with poetic south west landscapes in gouache. Paula is primarily interested in our perception of the world and the links between memory, dream and reality. In her work, she captures the beauty and magic of her native Mexico and transports us to quiet, dreamlike, almost nostalgic settings. She seeks to reflect with poetry the essence that a place acquires over time and the communities that live there. She draws her inspiration from her memories and is part of the magic realism with models like Remedios Varo, Tarsila Do Amaral or Hilma af Klint. On the canvas, the artist plays with scales and often represents small solitary characters to highlight the immensity of the landscapes she depicts. She mainly uses gouache for its texture and uses strong and vivid colors. It is with a pleasant sense of tranquility that Paula takes us on a journey into her past and her imagination.

Coline Rohart's art will arrive at the gallery mid-April. She is a young artist who celebrates the feminine power, mystery and figure with her unique works filled with color and often a lot of abstraction. As a child she spent a lot of time in her grandfather's art studio and fell in love with art classes. Coline graduated from Sciences Po Aix and Université Paris Dauphine before working in New York, Paris and Los Angeles. The artist NUSHKA introduced her to oil painting in 2017. Coline met the figurative artist Sarah Sedwick in 2021 who became her mentor. Sarah taught her how to master colour and composition. Coline often uses her own body as a model or as an object that throws a shadowed outline onto the canvas for a starting point. She studies the works of old masters and finds inspiration from her own family history, from both of her grandmother's life stories.

Nai, will have works at the gallery starting in May. She has a degree in philosophy and women's history, works with soft or oil pastels, acrylics and fabrics brought back from her travels. She uses paper as a textile medium. Some parts are crocheted with sewn fabrics. On stage or in the studio, the artist likes to surprise the viewer. She creates her works much as a director, arranging her "actors" and creating costumes and scenery. Her characters are recognizable by their huge bubble hats, embroidered with golden curls. Her works most often refer to the world of entertainment (circus, music, dance, puppetry...), reminiscent of the graphic universe of Tim Burton. Red curtains open like a window on her imagination, suggesting a dreamlike universe, "suspended" between reality and fantasy. Acrobats, tightrope walkers, clowns, musicians, violinists all vie for first place in this wonderful magic.

Carre d'artistes always has over 20 exhibiting artists, both local and from around the world.

We look forward to sharing all of this with you!