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The Price of Vengeance explores the mystical

(Courtesy/ Susan Obijiski)

(Courtesy/ Susan Obijiski)

Originally Published: December 6, 2023 12:49 p.m.

When Paul Allen returned to the mid-western town of Endicott, he was not alone. Accompanied by an evil specter, his arrival upends the quiet 1950s mid-western town, and changes Augie Bautista’s life forever.

When Paul steps out of the big green Buick in front of the local high school, he unleashes a mysterious force. Where Paul goes, death follows.

With only his wits and his friends to guide him, Augie confronts a powerful presence he can’t understand, and engages in a battle that will force him to question why people choose love over hate, vengeance over forgiveness, and truth over lies. The choices he makes to protect his loved ones will determine the kind of man he will become.

In the end, The Price of Vengeance comes at a profound cost – a cost we cannot afford to pay.

About the Author: Susan Obijiski lives in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, with her husband Bob and seven cats. She is also the author of Dreams of the Many, Dreams of the Few, Dreams of the Exile, and Crackle and Wheeze, as well as Short and Odd, a book of short stories.

“This psychological thriller will grab readers from the start. Susan Obijiski nails it with her latest novel, a paranormal page turner to die for,” said Lynn Eddy, VP of Acquisitions, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Company.