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Big Park Council Annual Meeting Highlights Jan. 12

Mary Pope

Mary Pope

President’s Report: John Wichert began the annual meeting by thanking past and present officers, committee chairs, liaisons and volunteers. He then moved onto the appointment of Committee Chairs, noting that the chair of Planning & Zoning (P&Z) has yet to be filled with conversations currently taking place. He expressed the need for an interim chair, and Bob Marriott offered to serve. He then affirmed the appointment of Duane Thompson as the P&Z APS subcommittee chair and listed other committee chairs and liaisons for 2023 as: Art in the Roundabouts – Rolf Funk & Steve Fiedler, Emergency Preparedness – Gwen Hanna & Mary Pope, Community Plan – Camille Cox, Dark-Sky – Dave Norton & Curt Schneider, USFS Liaison – Paul Sullivan, VVPTO Liaison – Steve Fiedler. All were approved by Council acclamation.

John commended Paul on his long tenure as USFS liaison and at Paul’s request, asked if anyone was interested in replacing him, to call or email. An Audit Committee of Colleen Hinds, Dave Norton and Neil Pope was appointed.

Secretary’s Report: Mary Pope reported that changes to the BPC officers were filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission as required. She then welcomed Dottie Milliken as a returning alternate for Las Piedras and Pat Robles as the new representative for CR Ranch. Pat replaces Ty deJong, who will continue as an alternate. Pine Valley has also adjusted its alternates with Steve Fiedler stepping up, and Lenore Hemingway and Phil Cox stepping down. Mary expressed appreciation to Lenore and Phil who have served the Council on many committees over the years, and who continue to do so.

Treasurer’s Report: Patty Reski noted that December had minimal expenses and the bank account was comfortable, up from year-end 2021 mostly because there were no in-person meetings, nor a need for professional technology support. She noted that all records are ready for audit as soon as the committee would like.

New Business: A time extension was requested to be able to reach a larger number of homes for the Broadband survey that BPC is assisting with. Tom Binnings will be reporting the results to the Council at the regular meeting Feb. 9.

John asked the Council members to consider working on two new task forces to be created at the February meeting: 1. IT/Website support/revamp and 2. Recruiting & Outreach.

Mary Pope then presented the annual Refresher Training and New Member Orientation. She covered the History of the BPC, its purpose and structure governing documents, roles, responsibilities, and indemnification as well as the agreed Code of Conduct inclusive of procedures for conflict of interest and dispute resolution.

Committee Reports:

Planning & Zoning: The only matter potentially before the committee at this time is the Use Permit request by the Verde Valley School. The public meeting scheduled January 11th had been deferred. No further information is available at this time.

Dark-Sky: Dave Norton noted that the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) annual report has been completed in both PDF and web-based versions. The Committee has been invited to work with Jeremy Dye of the Yavapai County Development office on updating the county Dark-Sky ordinance. The committee is also working on a printed door-hanger to explain what is “Dark-Sky” and what is required to comply.

VVTPO – Steve Fiedler submitted a written report of his meeting with ADOT which was read to the Council: 1. 179 and Cortez on SE corner, Team Fishel will be installing fiber optic to the View Motel. Excavation, boring on that corner. Work to start week of Jan. 16; 2. Vista Village mall might be installing a right turn lane into mall off 179.

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