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Color Up: Highlights of the Spectrum

April Exhibition Opening Reception, Friday, April 7

'Springtime Colors' by Susanne Nyberg 36 x 48 oil

'Springtime Colors' by Susanne Nyberg 36 x 48 oil

Originally Published: March 29, 2023 3:20 p.m.

Mountain Trails Gallery located in the Village of Tlaquepaque in Sedona, is delighted to present Color Up: Highlights of the Spectrum in an exhibition that celebrates the element of color in paintings, sculpture, and mixed media fine art. As the gallery shines a light on their award-winning artists, an overview of the variety of subjects reveal that these artists certainly know colorful artwork can uplift the spirit, including their own. Whether the subject is people, places, animals, objects, the weather, or color itself used to title a work of art, landscape and figurative artists reveal moments in time that are saturated with a visual symphony of color, while others use a narrow range to create a mood that highlights the depth of their experience. Bronze artists also love the serious fun of working with a variety of patinas as they create storytelling sculptures with dramatic touches of color and more. Mastery of hue, light, and saturation by all these artists in a variety of mediums is a part of the delight as the gallery celebrates the colorful spectrum of artwork featured in this exhibition.

Whether it is a narrow range or a vivid, contrasting series of choices from their palette, artists are inspired by color. They seem to see the complexity of color and proceed to paint more than just how light reflects on an object. In the historic artifacts chosen by Arizona painter Sue Krzyston, the vibrant colors from nature as used by various Native American cultures is as much the subject as the objects themselves. The layers of glazes give each detail a life of its own in the surface quality of these living objects. Arizona rancher Shawn Cameron sees the intricacy of the high desert scrub brush of her ranchland as worthy of more than just a mention. The complexity of nuance in her use of color is fascinating, especially when one views her paintings up close. Also, texture can add to how color is seen especially in the vibrant oils by Susanne Nyberg as this multi-talented artist covers a wide variety of landscapes in her beloved state. From mountains to deserts to dramatic topography, if there is a color that has been created, this artist finds the equivalent in nature.

Contemporary landscape painter Michelle Condrat emphasizes the intensity of hue and how the changing light can bring sudden bursts of sensations, often in a flashing moment of bold delight. The eye dances along with the atmospheric conditions in the movement of wind and clouds upon the land as the experience of being there is felt, even on this two-dimensional plane. The layers of color in a Marcia Molnar painting are nearly impossible to decipher in a cursory look. The mosaic of complexity is often born from passages of many colors coming together as the layers create an almost higher order of emergence, and that is more easily experienced in person. A party of color takes place in the landscape paintings by Colorado artist Greg Dye. His explosion of primary colors is always festive and full of surprise. Whether contemporary or traditional, landscape and figurative paintings by Josh Been, Betty Carr, Bill Cramer, Cody DeLong, Joe Garcia, Linda Glover Gooch, Jim Hagstrom, Jean Hildebrant, Susie Hyer, David Jonason, Steven Lang, Tamara Rymer, and Simon Winegar also invite a closer look at these artists’ palette choices since there is always more to the painting’s depth than initially meets the eye.

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona continues to celebrate the artistry as well as the variety of positive emotions in colorful paintings, sculpture, and mixed media work on exhibition throughout the month of April as each of their artists bring something unique to the event. The public is invited to attend First Friday’s reception on April 7, from 4-7 p.m. at the gallery’s upstairs Suite A201 location in the beautiful Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village overlooking the colorful Patio de las Campanas. For additional information, please contact the gallery at MountainTrailsSedona.com, FineArt@MountainTrailSedona.com, or call 928-282-3225.