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Letter to the editor: The Arts & Crafts Show has always been about building relationships

In Response to your article, “You have a relationship problem,” regarding the permit renewal of the Oak Creek Art and Craft Shows. This article doesn't highlight any of quotes from the meeting in regards to the positive impact that the art shows bring to the area. Instead, it highlights a few specifically negative quotes.

For example, that the events "have resulted in an area “jammed” with cars and people,” this is not as a result of the event, this is Sedona! Anywhere you go on the weekends in the Sedona area is now jammed with cars and people, it is the nature of our tourist town. Actually, one could argue that the turn into the event actually helps with the flow of traffic by alleviating some cars from the congested 179 into town.

The way in which this show is operated is called into question when in fact it has never received any violations. Marlo Johnson works tirelessly to address and prevent any concerns that are brought to her about the art show. She errs on the side of caution with all of her decisions. While the use permit is for up to 50 artists, she mostly has only 25-30 artists tents. She has also provided excellent directional signage, beyond what is required of her, as well as a parking attendant on site to assist during peak business hours, and overnight security.

Not only do tourists love to stop and visit the art show but there are countless VOC residents that come and visit us every weekend, whether to just say hi and see what’s new or to bring their friends and family when visiting in town. Many of the participating artists are local residents of Sedona, the VOC, the Verde Valley and Yavapai County. We are your neighbors and a part of this community. My small business, Forever Rock Candles, supports three members of my family who reside in Camp Verde. We have been participating in these Art and Craft shows for over seven years.

Alex Abby has been a regular vendor since 2018 and has built her business through the participation in these shows. She remembers visiting the art show on her first family trip to Sedona in 1997. She never would have thought that over 20 years later she’d be part of this beautiful community, and be able to be part of these shows that truly have become an institution.

In a time where small businesses are being crushed by large corporations, big box online retailers and mass produced items made overseas, the Oak Creek Art and Crafts Show is the exception.

This community event has continued to provide an opportunity for small businesses and artists to connect with locals and visitors for over 20 years. Our focus has and will always be on building relationships with the people.

We invite everyone to come out during an Oak Creek Art and Craft Show event weekend to support local small businesses at the Vista Village Plaza and enjoy the wonderful spring weather. Event dates and more information can be found at

Michelle Moriarty

Forever Rock Candles

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