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Yavapai Colleges launches Sedona School of Culinary

a recreational hands-on culinary experience

Chef Carl Miller (Courtesy/ Yavapai College)

Chef Carl Miller (Courtesy/ Yavapai College)

Originally Published: May 17, 2023 12:54 p.m.

Yavapai College has launched the Sedona School of Culinary, which hosts a menu of recreational cooking classes to make you a better cook at home!

The Sedona School of Culinary specializes in global cuisine paired with the best ingredients grown in the Verde Valley. For the artisan at heart, enjoy a variety of bread making classes made easy just for you!

Each class offers a unique culinary learning experience from expert Chefs Carl Miller and Mark Reese. The classes will teach you to prepare and cook delicious meals, appetizers, and desserts perfect for lunch and dinner. Each guest can anticipate working with other attendees and the chef during the preparation process to learn some of the cuisine’s backgrounds and culinary techniques that the world’s highest-trained chefs use. And, of course, you get to enjoy your finished meal!

“As we know, food brings people together, from the cooking to the communal dining to the social interaction,” said Chef Carl Miller, Director of Culinary Arts at Yavapai College.

Examples of classes include Farm to Fork, Artisan Pizza and Wine, Middle Eastern, New England, Pasta & Sauce, Mediterranean, Artisan Bread Making, Pretzels and Beer Cheese, Gluten Free Baking, Occasional Cakes, and more.

Classes start on June 6 and are scheduled through July at the Yavapai College Sedona Center at 4215 Arts Village Drive.

Classes range from two-to-three hours, and registration is required.

For more information on the Sedona School of Culinary and to register for classes, visit SedonaSchoolOfCulinary.com.