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Desert Queen: Sedona musician Dan Vega releases new album

Sedona musician Dan Vega (Courtesy/ Dan Vega)

Sedona musician Dan Vega (Courtesy/ Dan Vega)

By:The Verde Independent
Originally Published: November 29, 2023 3:52 p.m.

Sedona musician Dan Vega released his fourth full-length album, “Desert Queen,” on Nov. 11. The album features eight new original songs and is available on most streaming platforms.

Dan Vega has been playing music for 25 years. Since moving to Sedona a little over eight years ago, he has performed at multiple venues including Vino di Sedona, Sound Bites, L’Auberge and Arabella Sedona.

“I’ve played almost every music venue in the Verde Valley,” Vega said. “I love the intimacy of the locations I play. I love having an attentive audience where people are really listening and hearing everything. Not to mention the beautiful venues and scenic views.”

Vega describes his music style as “a little bit of everything.” He currently plays solo gigs using his voice and his guitar.

“My music is a mixture of pop, jazz and rhythm and blues,” he said.

Vega has developed his unique style from his years of classical and jazz training and his desire to create music that reaches his listeners at the soul level.

“The whole goal of my new album,” Vega said, “is to help people heal.”

“Desert Queen” contains original songs that have a common theme of the desert environment of Vega’s home in Sedona.

“It’s also about light and dark,” he said. “There are songs about love and pain. There is self-reflection. And, of course, there is some fun, too.”

While Vega said he has not entirely “bought in” to the Artificial Intelligence craze of late, he decided to experiment with it for his album art. “I was really pleased with the results,” he said.

“Desert Queen has been a year-long journey to release,” said Vega. “It had been over three years since my last album, ‘Capture Magic.’ I’ve released singles in the meantime but I knew it was time to produce a full-length album again.”

Vega not only writes all of his own music and lyrics, but he also does all of the instrumentation and engineering for his albums.

“This has been the most ambitious project I’ve ever done,” Vega said of ‘Desert Queen.’

His music career has included writing, recording and producing more than 100 songs.

“I hope this album reflects my love and passion for music,” Vega said. “I hope it brings joy, beauty, love, healing, inspiration and motivation to everyone who listens to it.”

“I am also pressing a limited number of CDs of ‘Desert Queen’,” Vega said. “The CDs will be signed, have the full four-piece artwork, liner notes, and will provide an excellent listening experience.”

The CDs will be $20 locally and will be available at his live shows. Shipped copies will be $25.

Vega is currently performing at The Wilde Resort in Sedona‘s Rangeview Rooftop on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 6 p.m. and at the resort’s Rascal restaurant and bar on Fridays and Saturdays from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. More information is available on his website at danvegamusic.com.

Cindy Cole is a freelancer for the Independent. She is a writer, editor, photographer and artist. Reach her at cindycole@live.com.