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Big Park Council Meeting Highlights Sept. 14

Treasurer Patty Reski officiated the Big Park Council zoom meeting in the absence of President John Wichert. Sixteen members and six guests were present.

President’s Report:

Legal Research – Patty reported that $5425 has been raised to support researching a potential legal challenge to the McGuireville to VOC, APS transmission line proposal. With the matching $5000 grant from the Sedona Village Partnership (SVP), the goal of $10,000 has been met.

Noise Ordinance: Susan Barber reported that they’d met with Supervisor Michaels Aug. 29. John Wichert, Michael Sepe, Jeremy Dye and Mark Lusson were also in attendance. The Big Park Council had previously voted unanimously to send a recommendation to the supervisors that a noise ordinance be added to the planning and zoning ordinance. Supervisor Michaels acknowledged that the community wanted some help in addressing the issue. Susan felt that it would be useful to reach out to our communities and document examples of excessive noise when it occurs. She recommended a free app to download that will record noise levels. The app is called NIOSH SLM. Measurements are easily saved, with date and time recorded. Results should be sent to so that they may be coordinated.

Treasurer’s Report: Dave Norton, Pat Robles, and Joe Skidmore volunteered for the 2024 Budget Committee. The proposed budget for 2024 will be presented at the October Council meeting. 

Unfinished Business:

Nominating Committee – Patty noted that a third member of the committee was needed, and Mary Morris volunteered. The committee is now comprised of Gay Chanler, Dave Norton and Mary Morris. 

New Business: 501(c) 3 application status – The application was sent to the IRS in March and a response was received just after Labor Day, noting that our Articles of Incorporation need to be changed before approval can be granted. Two clauses are required to be changed, Purpose and Dissolution. Patty has spoken to the IRS, the ACC and several local non-profit organizations regarding the required language. She was advised to use it as is, without change. A 2/3 vote of all Council member organizations is required to pass an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation. Mary Pope explained that an electronic vote will be taken between BPC meetings to meet the tight IRS timetable. Discussion followed, stressing the importance of 501(c) 3 status and the need to VOTE so that the process may be completed in a timely manner.

Committee Reports:

Art in the Roundabouts: Rolf Funk reported that the call to artists has gone out and the committee has contacted ADOT to be sure all requirements are met for SR 179 roundabouts in the Village. He then reported on the exciting meeting that they had with Todd Richardson and his art students at the Verde Valley School. See article in the Villager for additional details.

Dark-Sky: Dave Norton reported that on Oct. 5 he’ll be teaching the fifth-grade class at West Sedona School about solar viewing, followed by a Star Party that evening. The committee has received the revised Dark-Sky Ordinance from Yavapai County and is reviewing it. All lighting must be in compliance by January 2027. There will be a solar eclipse on the morning of Oct. 12. We will only see a partial eclipse, but it should still be very dramatic.

Announcements: Carolyn Fisher thanked the Verde Valley School for providing a venue so that Camilla Ross (Emerson Theatre Collaborative and Arts Academy of Sedona) has a place to hold her next production Oct. 6-7

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