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Sedona Mago celebrates 5th World Peace Ceremony and Sedona Lantern Festival

(Courtesy/ Sedona Mago)

(Courtesy/ Sedona Mago)

Originally Published: October 25, 2023 11:26 a.m.

Sedona Mago is extending a heartfelt invitation to join them for the 5th World Peace Ceremony/Sedona Lantern Festival, a sacred gathering under the powerful energy of the full moon that transcends boundaries and cultivates healing, love, and unity. An enchanting evening awaits, with live music & cultural performances, leading up to experiencing the transformative power of floating lanterns and the inherent sacred energy they represent.

Witnessing the need for positive change across the borders and around the world, Sedona Mago decided to extend its circle of influence and be of service to the world. A world not only seeking for solutions but also for hope. This is how the first World Peace Ceremony event was created and held in October of 2019. Ever since, the event has taken place every year, bringing people together in prayer to create change for a more balanced and harmonious world.

Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat is operated by Tao Fellowship, a 501c non-profit organization whose mission is to “Love Humanity and Love the Earth”. Ever since its foundation in 1998 it has been open for people who are seeking guidance on how to create a life of Health, Happiness and Peace.

Sedona Mago is nestled in the valley in the vicinity of Sedona, surrounded by the National Forest and protected by the mountain ranges all around. The pure vortex energy present on the sacred grounds of Sedona Mago is creating a harmonious environment, facilitating healing and awakening in anyone who is visiting.

Sedona Mago is asking to come together for a world in need of Love, igniting hope and fostering positive change for the betterment of all humanity. By raising our collective consciousness, we have the power to make a profound impact on our planet Earth. Let us pause together, synchronizing our hearts as One People for One World.

For more information or registrations, please visit SedonaMagoRetreat.org/world-peace-ceremony-2023/ or call the Sedona Mago Welcome Center at 928-204-3391.