Letter to the Editor: Hello, Eli?


Why won’t my representative in Congress communicate with me?

It is probably because I don’t agree with him very much. He is considered one of the Radical 8 in the Freedom Caucus. He thinks obstruction on any matter is going to teach a lesson to those in “Washington.”

He refuses to vote for the border compromise because he wants Biden to bite the dust when it is fully correct to know that Congress passes all laws and it is up to them to fix it.

He opposes aid to Ukraine, more military spending even though they did not want or ask for it, no compromise on health care for women, an obsession with guns, and still insists the 2020 election was stolen (no evidence).

Eli Crane was elected in 2022. He does not live in the district, which I would call an interloper or carpetbagger. He certainly does not want anything to do with my feedback. He will not answer questions I have on the site: House.gov.

I attended a meeting at the VFW in November and was “physically” removed for something that I did not do. There was a lot of shouting about “get her out of here,” hateful looks and what I consider harassment. A woman followed me to the door shouting “you are an evil woman.”

Why won’t he communicate? Is he afraid of me? Maybe I am just an evil woman.

Geni Hart


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