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‘The American Labyrinth’ comes to Sedona Feb. 23

(Courtesy/ Sedonya Consciousness Living Center)

(Courtesy/ Sedonya Consciousness Living Center)

Originally Published: February 21, 2024 1:50 p.m.

‘The American Labyrinth’ will have its Sedona premiere February 23. The American Labyrinth is a love story about the journey of a mother and her son through the trauma of racism. They discover by being love itself they can transcend its traumatizing effect. A thought-provoking documentary that explores the concept of racially motivated violence and its impact on individuals and society as a whole.

The film will be shown at Sedonya Consciousness Living Center Friday, Feb. 23 6-730 (donation based) with a Q and A afterword with the writer, director and producer Dr. Karmen Smith. The film emphasizes the importance of self-healing and recognizing that the healing process is interconnected with our collective experiences. ‘The American Labyrinth’ (short documentary) highlights the responsibility for everyone to confront and understand this trauma as it affects all of us. This documentary addresses important societal issues and encourages a deeper understanding of racial trauma and ways we create healing.

Dr Karmen Smith LCSW DD

Dr. Karmen Smith's extensive experience as a trauma specialist with Child Protective Services and as a licensed clinical social worker reflects her dedication to supporting individuals who have experienced trauma. Her work with individual clients and Child Protective Services involves providing therapeutic interventions, support, and guidance to help individuals navigate and heal from their traumatic experiences.

As a spiritual teacher, Dr. Smith spreads the message that healing is an inside job and a collective effort. She believes in the power of individuals to heal themselves, while also recognizing the importance of coming together as a community to support one another on the journey toward creating a different reality.

Dr. Smith's additional roles as an ordained metaphysical minister and inner shaman bring a spiritual and transformative perspective to her work. Her book, ‘The 'I AM' Solution,’ explores the concepts of fear and love, recognizing love as the ultimate answer to any question. There will be a book signing at the event. She emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with our true identity, which she describes as love itself, in order to access solutions and overcome difficulties.

Dr. Karmen Smith's work integrates her knowledge as a trauma specialist, her spiritual teachings, and her perspective on the transformative power of love. Her goal is to guide individuals towards healing, both personally and collectively, by embracing love and remembering our true identity.