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‘Sumthin’ New’ – An 18+ EDM/R.A.V.E. Event Comes to Verde Valley Fairgrounds

DJ Dylan Heckert (Courtesy/ Glenn Taylor)

DJ Dylan Heckert (Courtesy/ Glenn Taylor)

Originally Published: January 3, 2024 1:28 p.m.

There’s ‘Sumthin’ New’ under the Verde Valley sun. On Jan. 5 at 7 p.m., Glenn Taylor and Euphoria present the area’s first official 18+ Electronic Dance Music (EDM)/R.A.V.E. event at the Verde Valley Fairgrounds.

Taylor moved to the Verde Valley in 2021 with his wife and two children. “The first thing I noticed,” Taylor said, “is an abundance of events and things to do but not a lot of things are available for the 18+ crowd. As a dad, and as someone who was once 18, I know what it’s like to look for something to do where people can have fun, listen to great music and be in a safe environment where they can just be themselves with no judgement.”


DJ Yewz (Courtesy/ Glenn Taylor)

“The biggest misconception people have is when they hear the term R.A.V.E. they think of chaos and illegal activities,” said Taylor. “In fact, R.A.V.E. simply means ‘Radical Audio Visual Experience’. It’s an event where music and sound and people come together. The culture is so accepting of every kind of person. That’s what got me in.”


Glenn Taylor, event producer and owner of Euphoria (Courtesy/ Glenn Taylor)

The event features six locally known and up and coming producers and DJs, all natives of Arizona and representing Phoenix, Flagstaff and the Verde Valley. The lineup features Yewz and Dylan Heckert along with Dirty Nabz, ill.Ego, Eyechronic and Jamie Jekyll. The music lineup will focus on the sound system culture and underground dance music within the genre of bass music including dubstep, drum n' bass, trap and bass house.

In addition, there will be food trucks, arts & crafts vendors, live painters and live performers including glow juggling. Sound and Audio will be provided by SoundMoverz. Lighting will be provided by SoundLife Industries and Arizona Technical Solutions.

“Music is life,” said Taylor. “It makes everyone feel euphoria which is why I named my company. It can change your mood. It’s a universal language that brings people together. People complain about youth but we have to give them something to do in a safe environment where they can have fun without being judged. We can’t forget about them!”

Tickets are $25 per person and can be purchased at thisiseuphoria.com/index.php/events-shows/. For more information visit Euphoria on Instagram at instagram.com/Welcometo.Euphoria or on the web at thisiseuphoria.com.

Cindy Cole is a freelancer for the Independent. She is a writer, editor, photographer and artist. Reach her at cindycole@live.com.