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Discover the latest exhibition at The Wyatt Gallery

(Courtesy/ The Wyatt Gallery)

(Courtesy/ The Wyatt Gallery)

Originally Published: January 10, 2024 12:28 p.m.

Discover the latest exhibition at The Wyatt Gallery in Hillside Plaza featuring the extraordinary work of local Visionary artist Joseph Skala. Join us at 671 SR 179 Suite A 5&6, providing an exclusive opportunity to meet this inspiring artist in person.

Skala's art captivates with a distinctive style, seamlessly blending finely detailed representations of figures and objects with cosmic, flowing patterns of light. Infused with powerful symbolism and mythical icons, his dream-like creations portray divine spiritual beings, evoking an Old-World Classical art ambiance through the rich use of color. Skala elevates his art to a form of alchemy, creating his own paint from precious minerals like lapis lazuli and gold. These materials infuse his pieces with a touch of magic, embodying intentional and transformative qualities.

The exhibition showcases Skala's talent in featuring architecture, mystical creatures, and human forms, coexisting harmoniously with misty, swirling landscapes. Merging the metaphysical and physical realms, Skala draws inspiration from sacred temples' structures and the vibratory ripples of energy coursing through all life forms.

"As a self-taught artist, I want to share the inspiration that flows through me. Art has impacted my life in many great ways; it is one of our greatest tools for telling the story of our evolution and transforming our own consciousness. I want to expand the ways art can change lives and transform and unite evolution physically, mentally, and emotionally," says Skala, practicing this philosophy in both his life and his art.