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The ultimate soundbath journey with Sedona Sound Triad

Sedona Sound Triad (Courtesy photo)

Sedona Sound Triad (Courtesy photo)

Originally Published: January 10, 2024 12:31 p.m.

Sedona Sound Triad performs at Ultimate Light Mission, 2115 Mountain Road in Sedona on Friday Jan. 19, at 5 p.m.

Sedona Sound Triad brings high frequencies music for healing, transformation of consciousness, and upliftment through sound journeys.

Group members are Steven Von Linne – (guitars, vocals, synth keyboards), Iara Line (432 crystal bowls, vocals, ceremonial drums and percussion), and Steaven Brown (guitar, world percussion, vocals, and bass flut.e

The Ultimate Soundbath Journey with Sedona Sound Triad will transport participants to higher frequencies and experience healing and elevated states of wel-being. This unique three-piece group features 432 Crystal singing bowls, guitar, flutes, synth keyboards, exotic world instruments and Angelic Vocals. This event will also feature popular musician multi-instrumental performer John Dumas on world instruments, flutes, percussion, and more joining the Triad experience musical journey. Evening starts at 5pm with Tesla Bio Charger session hosted by Mark for intention setting. Vegetarian food offering following the performance


Iara is originally from Brazil. She is a Family and Systemic Constellation Facilitator, a Sound Activator, and a speaker for the growing conscious learning movement.

She has helped hundreds of people on their path of transmuting undesirable ancestral traumas and limiting beliefs, awakening their superpowers, and assisting them in creating the life they love. Her core belief is that we all have the Divine right to be happy and have a fulfilling life and she is committed to assisting as many as she can on this mission.

Iara is the Founder of Life Change Breakthroughs LLC, and the ‘Ancient Knowledge for the Modern Woman’ movement and is an advocate of the use of ancient knowledge in our modern lives.


Steven Line (AKA Steven Von Linne) is a multi-instrumentalist performer, educator, and Healing practitioner. Steven has a long history of composing, recording and performing in many styles of music including Sound Journeys and relaxation themes. He has been a certified REIKI practitioner and REIKI MASTER for over 30 years. Steven has facilitated workshops worldwide. As a world-class guitarist and keyboard composer, he has created transformational music for over four decades. Currently, Steven is a member of Sedona Sound Triad, offering Sound Journeys for workshops, and healing centers in the Sedona area. He also does contemporary performing internationally as a solo music artist and is an international touring band leader.


Multi instrumentalist playing Guitar, Percussion (playing exotic drums and instruments from around the world), Bass Flute/Recorder, and is a dynamic Vocalist. An accomplished composer and recording artist, having a long music career performing with celebrities including Willie Nelson, Deon Estus, and others. He currently performs in the Sedona area with Steven Von Linne in a world music duo called Steven and Steaven, and Sedona Sound Triad.