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Sedona Sister Cities presents Young Artists & Authors Showcase

(Courtesy/ Sedona Sister Cities)

(Courtesy/ Sedona Sister Cities)

Originally Published: January 31, 2024 11:56 a.m.

Sedona Sister Cities Association is proud to announce its sponsorship of the annual Young Artists and Authors Showcase, a program initiated by Sister Cities International. This competition is open to talented youths aged 13-18 residing in the Verde Valley.

Theme: ‘Climatescape, Resilient Cities for Tomorrow's Climate’

This year's theme, ‘Climatescape,’ invites young artists and authors to explore and express their perspectives on building resilient cities in the face of climate change. Sedona Sister Cities Association encourages submissions in six categories, including classic art, digital art, photography, music, authors, and poets. Accepted applications will be forwarded to Sister Cities International for consideration among submissions from around the world. In each category, Grand prize winners will receive $1,000; second place winners $250 and third place winners $100.

Submission Details:

For detailed information about the international competition and application process, interested participants are encouraged to go to the Sedona Sister Cities website at SedonaSisterC ities.org/yaas. Sedona Sister Cities Association encourages young artists and authors to delve into the pressing challenges of climate change and its impact on our community and the Verde Valley.

About Sedona Sister Cities Association:

The Sedona Sister Cities Association actively engages in promoting cultural exchange, understanding, and friendship between Sedona and sister cities worldwide. Committed to fostering global connections, our Mission is to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation.