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Sedona Camera Club features online presentation by professional photographer Shane McDermott

   October 20, 2020   

Professional photographer Shane McDermott will present to the Sedona Camera Club starting at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 26.

Clark Memorial Library hosts artist Ardis Harsche

   October 20, 2020   

“The Art of Ardis Over the Years,” a one-woman show, is now on display at Clark Memorial Library through the month of October.

Sedona Arts Center offers many levels of hands-on courses

By Jason W. Brooks    October 13, 2020   

In-person pottery, painting and ceramics classes are scheduled for October and November at the Sedona Arts Center.

Sandra Beck Plein Air Watercolor mini workshop

   October 13, 2020   

Originally from Maine, Sandra Beck eventually moved to Sedona where she discovered a love of painting.

Sedona Film Festival presents ‘Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold The Concert’ Oct. 21 & 25

   October 13, 2020   

The Sedona International Film Festival will present “Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold The Concert” on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 4 and 7 p.m. and Sunday, Oct. 25 at 1 p.m.

Great Art on Screen as ‘Leonardo 500’ premieres Oct. 20

   October 13, 2020   

Sedona International Film Festival presents “Leonardo 500,” Tuesday, Oct. 20, at 4 and 7 p.m.

Final weekend for Emerson Theater Collaborative’s Stop Kiss

   October 6, 2020   

Emerson Theater Collaborative presents playwright Diane Son’s Stop Kiss at the Sedona Arts Academy and Community Center Oct. 8-10.

Artists on deck in Camp Verde as monthly event geared toward connecting local artists with community

By Bill Helm    October 6, 2020   

A monthly event, Artist on Deck brings various Camp Verde artists to one location to create art and engage with the general public.

El Valle Artist Association to meet Oct. 8

   October 6, 2020   

El Valle Artist Association will hold its first in-person meeting of the year Oct. 8, 1 p.m., at the Pine Shadows Club House, 2050 W. State Route 89A, Cottonwood.

Escape to a different dimension at Rowe Fine Art Gallery

   September 30, 2020   

Rowe Fine Art Gallery invites you to explore its bronze, stone, and textile forms during 3D, in October.

Village Gallery of Local Artists to feature husband and wife wood artists

   September 30, 2020   

The Village Gallery of Local Artists will feature husband-and-wife wood artists Richard Kerrell and Sarah Loynd during the month of October.

Prescott Plein Air Art Festival, Oct. 1-3

   September 30, 2020   

From Oct. 1-3, more than 10 professional Arizona artists will focus their artistic talents on the outdoors to celebrate Prescott’s diverse landscapes in a Plein Air Art Festival.

Making stunning nature photos: Sedona Camera Club offers photography tips from Ian Plant

   September 22, 2020   

At 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 28, professional landscape, wildlife and travel photographer Ian Plant will talk to the Sedona Camera Club via webinar about his favorite techniques for creatively using light, composition, and the magic of the moment to make unique nature photos that get noticed.

Noel Burgbacher Jordan’s work to be on display Oct. 17 at Clear Creek Church

By Bill Helm    September 22, 2020   

From 3-6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17 at the Clear Creek Church, about 70 of Noel Burgbacher Jordan’s watercolor paintings will be on display at an open house.

Emerson Theater Collaborative presents The i’Mpossible Project: Kicking My Blue Genes in the Butt

   September 15, 2020   

Emerson Theater Collaborative presents The i’Mpossible Project: Kicking My Blue Genes in the Butt, Sept. 24-26. All shows are at 7 p.m.

Great Art on Screen: ‘Secret Impressionists’ premieres Sept. 22

   September 15, 2020   

Sedona International Film Festival presents the Great Art on Screen series with “Secret Impressionists.”

Apache artist ‘in residence’ at Mii amo as Charles Decker creates art, displays art at Enchantment Resort

By Bill Helm    September 1, 2020   

Charles Decker has created art, displayed art at Enchantment Resort since 2017.

Mountain Trails Gallery welcomes Wings & Wildlife artists

   September 1, 2020   

Mountain Trails Gallery at Tlaquepaque in Sedona presents “The Nature of Things,” featuring artists who share their experiences with wildlife in their paintings, drawings, sculpture and jewelry.

Sedona Arts Academy plans opening of Arts & Community Center

   August 25, 2020   

Sedona Arts Academy announces its grand opening Oct. 17 at The Collective Sedona in the Village of Oak Creek as a community arts, performance and social center.

Cottonwood artist Liz Alpert creates portraits of herself, siblings, for 90-year-old mother

By Bill Helm    August 18, 2020   

Cottonwood resident Liz Alpert painted portraits of herself and her five siblings that she sent to her 90-year-old mother in Boston.

‘Arizona’s Little Hollywood’ Sedona Heritage Museum launches online photo collection

   August 18, 2020   

The Sedona Historical Society’s newest and third historic photo collection is now available for view and research as part of the Arizona Memory Project.

Creative Thinking: Photographer Marc Muench featured via Sedona Camera Club Webinar

   August 18, 2020   

Third-generation photographer Marc Muench will present to the Sedona Camera Club starting at 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 31.

‘Pandemic Projects’ on display at Camp Verde library

By Bill Helm    August 11, 2020   

Although Mary Lue Allen had a photography exhibit at the Camp Verde Community Library from August 2018 until January 2019, it’s her pottery that has found a second home at the library.

Village Gallery features new exhibit by ceramist Alex Rovang

   August 4, 2020   

The Village Gallery welcomes new member and clay artist, Alex Rovang as featured artist for the month of August.

Sedona’s Rowe Gallery showcases work of ‘basket lady' Shirley Eichten Albrecht

   July 28, 2020   

When an artist relocates to Sedona, it is a given that the red rocks and local Native American culture will influence their work.